I Got Blow’d Up Real Good

October 22, 2008

Last night I bowed to popular demand and got into the Scenario Grind with a passion. Went around to all the warcamps in T3 to get the appropriate quests, and played an endless string of scenarios with the guild. Now, I quite like the scenarios for many reasons — they’re easy to jump into, they hook you up with friends, they give you a clearcut path to victory or defeat in under 15 minutes. But other than grinding out XP and renown, I don’t feel like there’s much reason for being there, as the loot drops aren’t too spectacular and I’m not working towards a gear reward or any specific Tome unlock as I go through it.

But scenarios do make for great stories, especially when you’re on vent and you get to scream and laugh and make sarcastic quips about your Bright Wizard pretending to be a tank. Like a sports event, there’s hair-pulling with a teammate doesn’t take the bauble back to a safer point near your side’s spawn, and instead stands on a very narrow strip of land between death and more death because they hate to miss out on any XP or renown that comes from the battles. “You IDIOT!” you scream mostly to yourself and your sleeping dog. “You’re like the moron in a horror movie who never goes to the police but just stays in the murder house!”

I had a really fun moment in Tor Anroc (and yes, that’s the only scenario that popped. All. Night.) where I hit a Witch Elf with my Point Blank morale skill for a sizable knockback and then immediately threw a concussion grenade as well. The end result was a double-bounce, or “skipping” her skanky butt across the field. I think it should be a new sport in the Olympics.

It’s amazing that in some scenarios Syp is the #1 target for everyone, everywhere, and I end up in about 4.2 seconds of actual combat before having to return to the spawn point. And yet in other scenarios I’m virtually ignored (which I love), and just go on creating merry havoc and tossing bombs all willy-nilly.

I appreciate how much I just don’t care about dying in WAR. By that, I mean that I never ever take it personally. In past MMOs, if I did PvP and was slain, I usually felt like a bully was trying to beat me up for my lunch money, especially when they’d come back to do it over and over and over again. It probably didn’t help that a lot of players used new and creative ways to tell you how much you sucked. Those were deaths I minded, because they came with an aftertaste of cruelty. Yet in WAR, I’ve never had an enemy player emote anything nasty at me (so far), and dying sort of feels like getting slammed with a big snowball where you fall down, laugh, and get up ready for s’more.

I’ve also been in only a scarce few scenarios where bossy, brain-damaged folks berate you for mistakes and try to order everyone around with the almighty power of CAPITAL LETTERS. Perhaps that’s cause we’re all too busy fighting to stop and type, but it’s a nice change of pace.

I’m not giving up on Syp, but I’m definitely exploring a few alts to give my gameplay some variety, at least until I hit 30 and can bypass the rest of Badlands and continue on with PvE content.



  1. Nice thing about being a healer is that if people try to boss you around you can just stop healing them. ;P

  2. I love scenarios. My friend and I have been playing on Bechafen, at first I created a White Lion, but I have been playing a Witch Hunter lately. Radulf is my new WH, and the class is a lot of fun to play.

    My big frustration is that even after the 20% incentive, the server seems lopsided. Destruction always seems to have a lot of little Shaman running around healing with the incessant “heh…”

    Just about every time I am about to finish someone off, I see their health bar pop up, and when I look around, sure enough there is a shaman.

    Chasing healers down is a pain in the neck as well because seems as if all they do is run around in circles, while dps nips at my back until I die from 1,000 paper cuts.

    I love the game, but would like to see some balance where either Order gets some better tanks/dps.

  3. Yeah, I’ve noticed the same thing about dieing myself. The spawn points never seem far from the action *cough*AV*cough*, and it really doesn’t seem like too many bossy jerks.

    I have run into a small handful, but nothing that would ruin my experience PVP-ing like WoW always found a way to do.

    I’m also liking that as an Archmage, I am regularly ignored in Scenarios. I guess I’m not healer-y enough for them to care, and my DoTs don’t worry people, I suppose… I have a feeling though, that as I head down the Path of Asuryan, I’m going to hitting quite a bit harder!

  4. I was surprised to get an emote, but it was from a witch hunter I had killed for like the 13th time. I was
    guarding the light house and she kept coming.

    The emote was a laugh at me after killing her healer and was about to kill her….again!

    Also in a scenario I try to advise newer players on how it rolls. In WoW you would get heckled if you tried to manage team tactics. I have only been heckled once and all the other team members yelled at him because I do very well in the scenarios.

    If I can’t kill the healer I will keep him healing himself so he won’t heal his guys.

  5. I have 2 words for you Syp…

    White Lion.

    Get your DPS on.

    Or if you’d like to stick with a dorf, go Ironbreaker and know what it feels like to not die so much.

  6. This is off the topic. Do landmines blow up more than once?

  7. As a Phoenix Throne order player, I have a desire to pick your brain.

    After three or four hours last night of being completely steam rolled by order over and over … aaaaaand over. (All Tor Anroc of course, cause that’s the only one there is apparently. I believe we won one, and it was 500 to 450) I’m wondering how green the grass is over there. I hear so much witching and complaining on forums about how destro owns everything, order never wins etc etc. Did I just manage to pick the only server in the line up where Order is superior, or is that a case of “grass is greener”? Do you feel the Order side of PT kicks particular arse?

    Because you all always have like, six healers over there and I want so badly to have a knock back to go runepriest punting rather than spend most of my time waiting on respawn -.-

  8. Distracted with my off topic question and forgot to reply to the bulk of the entry. Go me.

    I’ve always hated PvP in other games, for mostly the same reason. I always just felt bullied. Lineage2 actually made me cry (seriously. I’m a big girl) because I kept getting snipped by a player 20 levels higher than me as I tried to PvE level/RP. There was to me no point in the PvP other than to cause another player grief. Something about moving the “You vs. me” and turning it into an “Us vs. Them” made all the difference.

    I have only once or twice emoted to my enemy, all the times I can remember being a response to what I see as cheap gameplay. Runepriest in Khaine’s Embrace runs and hides under the protection of his gaurds rather than takes his licks then he gets /taunted and /laughed at then targeted relentlessly the rest of the game. Everyone dies. Being a coward about it urks both player and character. Shadow Hunter who hid IN the hill at Phoenix Gate got emotes after I finally manged to kill him despite his line of sight bug advantage. (And a report after two minutes later I saw him dash into the same tear in the landscape)

    Our side has it’s share of CAP QUEENS ordering people about, but it’s still more rare than other games. The most common complaint seems to be “Ya’ll need to level up”, since Order always seems to outrank us.

  9. First, holding The Thing at your spawn point is bad, bad, bad. You want to control the middle where it resets- just in case things go south. If you’re at spawn and it resets, Destro will get it back first.

    I, too, really enjoy the lack or flaming scenario chat. Unfortunately, I find that useful text (ie, inc xyz) is lacking as well. Unless you’re in with guildmates.

    What do you have for an alt? My “main” is an IB, but I have an “alt” of just about everything else. “Hello, my name is SamIAm, and I’m an altoholic.

  10. In T3 and T4 Engineers and Magii(?) are priority #1 targets because everyone assumes they have electromagnet/rift and until they discover otherwise people will either focus fire them or backpedal when they see them push forward.

  11. Why is it only Tor that pops on every server? I mean seriously it can’t be because *all* Order players are only queuing for that one.

    I’ve always picked all three and I would have thought a fair few others hit ‘all’ as well, so what gives?

  12. Tor was popping exclusively for you guys? On our server it was the Dam. It has since righted itself and there’s a fair mix of everything (in that it’s rare to get back to back scenarios of the same one).

    Anyway. . .I do have to ask, do non-capital orders get taken more seriously? I have been known to issue orders in scenarios, but in my defense they’re more like “Fight at the flag” (Temple of Isha) and “Kill the dude with the thing. No one else matters.” (Tor Anroc)

    I like the guy in Nordenwatch when I was on my Alt. He said “Don’t stop at the light house, rush the Fortress” I replied, “Um. . .no?” right after someone else just said “?” and then laughed at him. Especially as a healer, arriving a few seconds behind everyone else is a tactical advantage. (We won this one)

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