Fireside Chat With Mr. Jacobs

October 21, 2008

Ten Ton Hammer staged a nice follow-up interview with Mark Jacobs after his well-publicized “State of the Game” article last week. Here you can read part one and part two of the interview, and then come back for my notes on a few of the salient points:

  • Mark openly acknowledges some of the big issues that players have been stating for weeks now: that Order needs more tanks, that scenarios have become the most efficient way to level. This is something that players find refreshing and a bit disconcerting — a head dev that doesn’t try to hide their big issues behind denials, “working as intended” or attacking the player base for mentioning this.
  • Getting the tank imbalance fixed was their primary motivation to reinstalling the KotBS and BG careers, although it doesn’t look like the other two cut classes are quite ready to rejoin society.
  • As for the other two melee dps classes — “I know what one of them is going to be, and I’m not 100% sure about the second.” In another interview, Mark is a bit clearer on this: “We’re probably going to be replacing one [career] and putting in another class in its place. But we’ll be talking about that in a few months.” Many players, myself included, will bet smart money on the popular Choppa returning and the possible institution of the Slayer career instead of the Hammerer.
  • “If you look at the numbers from the community, they’re already starting to even out like we thought they would.” Interesting. I did find it noteworthy that last week, a couple servers actually started offering DESTRUCTION incentive to join the server, suggesting population imbalance favoring Order there.
  • Career tweaks: “We’re not removing and we’re not – and I detest this word – nerfing anything that’s there.” Remains to be seen, but I’m sure players are going to hold Mark to his word on this. But good to hear, most definitely!
  • On the topic of crafting, Mark seems both on shaky ground and somewhat defensive. He pulls out Cultivation as an example of a “crafting on the go” mechanic, even though he skips over Talisman Making, which is about as far removed from “crafting on the go” as you can get. He does allude to future crafting professions, so there’s room for speculation on that. I don’t think most people are ecstatic about crafting in WAR, but to rebut criticisms of this feature with “Well, it’s supposed to be different and it’s not a big thing and you’re taking it too seriously” smacks of weasling. Poop or get off the pot on crafting, is my feeling. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right and fully.
  • “I don’t want to nerf scenarios; I’d much rather improve Open RvR.” Amen.
  • Mark knows the MMO EA Bioware is working on and he’s keeping it all to himself! Meanie!


  1. “I don’t want to nerf scenarios; I’d much rather improve Open RvR.”

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

    /hug Mark

    I did receive word last night that the Destruction server our guild left for Order seems to be more balanced due to scenarios popping like mad. Should I stay or go back? ARG!!!!

  2. Day1 rolled squig hunter…epic fail.

    Day 2 rolled Black Orc and Averheim…never won a scenario.

    Day 3 rolled a black orc on Bretonia, within 3 levels found 10 like minded players (mature good natured walking death machines) and we formed a guild.

    Day 4 guild pwned chapter 2 and 3 pqs…ahhhs…I found a home.

  3. “Mark knows the MMO EA Bioware is working on and he’s keeping it all to himself! Meanie!”

    Not a secret anymore: http://www.swtor.com

    Star Wars: The Old Republic! Jedi vs. Sith in hot PVP action! Nothing says ‘pwnd’ like a lightsaber enema.

  4. If they really want Order to have more tanks, they’d better not made the blackguard as cool as I think it’ll be…otherwise we’ll still be lower on the tank totem. =)

  5. dammit I made a classical error. “Low man on the totem pole” is actually the guy in charge; that’s how totem poles were made. The guy with everyone else on his shoulders = the guy in charge.

    What I meant was we’d still be skimpy on tanks. But I’m sure you all realized that.

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