Proof That Chrono Chaos Exists

October 20, 2008

Just to quell the naysayers, last night I jumped on board the official unofficial Chrono Chaos time machine and zipped forward, ten MINUTES into the dark, dank future.  Lo and behold, what did I discover?

Me.  Dead.  What a horrific and absolutely predictable future this is!

(That is both me in the same screenshot… I’d run back to my corpse — which apparently does not show your current dyes — and found it before it vanished.)



  1. Even without you Syp, we the Chrono Chaos faithful continue the grand schemes. Apparently by killing you…

  2. You see dead people!

  3. This pic has brought up a question I’ve been pondering – Do other people see your dyes when you are alive? Or do they see the default dyejob that you just stumbled upon when you found your rotting corpse?

  4. Others see your dyes, because I’m a big ugly Black Orc all in purple, and people definitely see it.

    I laughed when I saw my own corpse, because I had a horrible mismatch of undyed gear on that made it look like WoW.

  5. lol I had the same thing on Morkarian temple with my Swordmaster although like you point out my lovely Purple armour had reverted to silver.

  6. Other people do see you dye… it takes a while to replicate.
    My friend and I tested this, it took a /reload to see the new colors he had gotten from the vendor.

    Wish I hadn’t though, Gold and Pink are not the best combo…..

  7. Kind of like Foghorn Leghorn….”I ought not look in there I might be in there!”

    Keep your feathers numbered, ya never know when ya might need it.

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