Is The Mail Turtle Moving Faster?

October 20, 2008

I noticed a definite improvement in the mail system earlier today — can you guys confirm or deny that the mail is working much better?



  1. I haven’t noticed any change. Though it might have been a busy server time since my server actually had a queue today.

  2. It’s way way way better.

  3. it seems to be working well for me today after the patch.. This may be due to the fact that not alot of people are on at 6am in the morning. I will test it more this evening and hopefully its fixed

  4. It seemed as bad as ever about 12 hours ago, not sure if anything has changed since then.

  5. It would seem that the mail server people are no longer on strike / working to rule. They must be very happy with the new contract because they are working much faster now! WOOT!

  6. The turtle is now fuel injected. I emptied my mailbox in record time today.

  7. People need ta read your patch notes 😉

    Mail system was upgraded earlier this morning and aside from a few hitches with attachments giving you an error, seems to be working like a dream. It’s almost much faster, sending items from main to alt was near instant.

  8. Yup, much better now. Although we’ll see how it holds out, they did make it better. I no longer need to go for breaks while it’s mailing, or at least much shorter breaks.

  9. this is confirmed on War-Europe as an update that took place today

  10. Confirmed. More hamsters have been allocated to the mail system, it seems.

  11. So it will probably be slow tonight when everyone gets word and decides to get the hundreds of items out of the box that they have been waiting on the box to get fixed before removing.

  12. It is 100% better on Red Eye Mountain.

  13. Truthfully, I’ve never noticed any kind of lag whatsoever with the mail. The 20 second stop ups were a pain, but everything I’ve sent has gotten there pretty much instantaneously.

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