This Was A Triumph / I’m Making A Note Here: Huge Success

October 18, 2008

I can’t believe it’s already been a month.  Can you?  Head start, launch, three “game updates”, two “experience enhancements”, one “state of the game”, 750,000 players, a couple city sieges, our first 40’s, and the notoriety of Tor Anroc.  We’ve dismissed the veil of hype for the face of “what is”, and distinguished between promised features that work (scenario queuing!) to those that don’t (mailboxes!).  Some of us found the game lacking or not for them, and moved back to familiar grounds or on to something else.  Some of us were head-over-heels delighted with Warhammer Online, and couldn’t stop blabbering about it to all their friends.  Guilds have been formed and leveled; epic wars waged and won and lost; and I’ve died about 7,240 times.

It’s been a good month.  An interesting month.  Can’t wait to see where all this goes.



  1. The Title for this short, yet complete article fits perfectly, although one thing to point out: the cake is a lie, and nothing in Warhammer Online has been a lie so far, just goodness and love. Keep it up Syp best blog out there

  2. “couldn’t stop blabbering about it to all their friends”

    …pretty much sums it up for me.

    Now its just a matter of deciding exactly which class im sticking with

  3. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

    Hi, Syp

  4. I am all of level 7, started Wednesday and working alot but tonight will grind hard. Love your blog. Please link mine to yours. Your linked on mine.

  5. Link him or the blog gods will strike you down!

  6. I mor ethan happy enough with WAR. I’ve renewed my subscription for another 3 months.

  7. >>Link him or the blog gods will strike you down!

    “Sorry, the blog at squigherder.blogspot.com has been removed.”

    Maybe it was the grammar fairy?

  8. It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.|


  9. […] get ready and raring to go. From optimistic post-launch experiences at K&G’s site to this enthusiastic one-month lookback at Waagh!, the mood has turned and it has turned quickly. I think the good still outweighs the bad – barely […]

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