E-Mail Bonanza: Oct 18

October 18, 2008

I guess I shouldn’t bag on WAR’s absolutely atrocious mail system, since I’m just a shade slower in responding to any e-mails sent my way. If you have e-mailed me and wonder the reason for my stony silence — it’s not you. It’s me. I’ve been a notoriously slow e-mail responder since 1996, often letting my inbox fill up to a couple hundred messages before going through them all and giving them the attention they deserve. I don’t know why, it’s just one of those things.

So here’s an attempt to right a wrong and respond to some of the e-mails you guys have sent in to WAAAGH! headquarters. Grunkaz on Darklands server writes:

Not sure if you take suggestions for topics but one thing that’s going around the forums at the moment is the issue in inciting people to play Open RvR, mainly Keep Sieges. To me WAR is great because it’s not a grind to end where the game supposedly starts. WAR you can do big epic fun things at any level. If you not doing many Keep Sieges Syp, get on them, they’re awesome.

…I mainly want Mythic to pay attention to some of the possibilities of making keep sieges more EPIC! and I know all the Mythic guys read your blog so “If you post they will develop”.

While it is true that WAAAGH! is required reading at Mythic before their morning meetings (Warning: Hubris Alert!), I somewhat doubt they have a strike team on hold, just waiting for the next brilliant idea to pop out of this blog and rush off to implement. I’m sure that Open RvR/Keep Sieges are high up on their priority list to tweak, as we’ve seen from the past “experience enhancement” updates.

Grunkaz listed quite a few ideas to tweak the mechanics of the Keep Sieges (ladders, things to set on fire, etc.), but I’d suggest that the mechanics aren’t as important as the rewards. As has been said already by many others, the effort and time it takes to get into open world RvR is not on par, reward-wise, with PQs (for loot) or scenarios (for XP/renown). It almost doesn’t matter how fun it is unless players sense that the reward for doing it is as good or better than other rewards. XP and renown boosts are a start, but I’d say “not good enough.” Perhaps an entirely new and separate loot vendor is called for — earning INF toward these items as you siege or defend keeps and BOs. Good gear is a great motivator, as well as new abilities.

Along the lines of Keep claiming comes an e-mail from Deja:

Anyways, there have been some pretty big issues regarding Keep claiming at Guild rank 14. For some examples, see this thread;


I was wondering if this has affected you and your guild at all, or any friends you may have.

Unfortunately this has been ongoing for over two weeks now, and we’ve yet to hear anything regarding it…

The point of my e-mail was to hopefully spark something that could lead to some kind of official response – I realize that many people respect your opinion on things game related.

Well, Thanks for reading this (if you did) and hopefully something can come of it!

BTW, I don’t care what anyone says, your dwarf is a hottie. 🙂

Yes, Syp is quite the hottie. Often that’s because someone’s set her on fire, but still.

To be honest, while I’ve done keep sieges, our guild only recently attained rank 14 (when you can claim keeps) and we haven’t taken a keep since. The points on that thread are valid, and I’m of the opinion that if a guild is going to blow huge chunks of moolah on keep uptake every day, there better be something big in it for them other than just pride.

Again, I’m sure this post will make it to the highest echelons at Mythic and nobody will get any sleep until the issue is resolved to your liking! You never know!

From Nibwort (great name) comes this query:

I’m an avid gamer as most of us are that has been playing MMOs for the last 8 years. I’m also one of those people that has been waiting for WAR to go live ever since it was first announced, getting in beta was like trick or treating in a candy store on Halloween. I have always been more of a reader on forums and blogs, but after following you blog for the last couple months I have suddenly become inspired to start my own blog based on my current character I play in WAR. (Nibwort the Shaman on Phonix Throne) Kinda a late start I know but what can I say.. Im a smallz git 😉 To the point of this email…

I was wondering if you had any helpful suggestion on getting started?

A while back I wrote a post to help other WAR bloggers get started. I’m not sure how helpful or not it was, but it’s there. I will say this: as the WAR blogging field gathers more and more writers, it’s not a bad idea to have a specific focus or angle (a certain race, class, webcomic, etc) to help distinguish yourself. At the very least, be consistent with posting, promote yourself, and link out as much as others link in to you.

Whenever you get your blog started, Nib, we’ll be happy to add you to our blogroll!

Patrick keeps it short and sweet:

Hey Syp,

Love the blog and thought this might interest you: 3d Model View for WAR

Groovy! Matt sent in a pretty funny little bug:

While playing today, I ran across a funny bug dealing with the profanity filter that I’ve been too lazy to turn off (if it is even possible). Apparently, the Beastwatcher is considered to be a vulgar man and is not to be regarded by name!  (Beas[twat]cher)

I thought this was hilarious and post worthy.

James asks:

Err i can’t get onto the greenskin site nor can anyone else i know in Australia I.e with an Aussie IP now since i can’t get on his site (and yes i’ve checked the address and followed your link too) i have no idea how to contact him, however clearly you do so can you do me a bit of a favor and see why he is blocking Aussies from his site?

James, a little-known fact about Snafzg is that he’s bigoted against Aussies. We don’t know why, perhaps it’s due to a nasty koala attack as a child that left him without a nose.

That said, he’s aware of the issue and is working on it.

That’s it for today’s e-mail bonanza!



  1. cockatrice is also considered too vulgar for us to mention in game apparently…

  2. Heh i know mate i finally got the word to him via keen and graev and it was already fixed 😛

  3. I can get on the greenskin, and I’m in Sydney. 😛

    I hadn’t heard about this WAR 3d model viewer! Yaaaay!

  4. Email Bonanza – excellent way to address all your fan mail Syp.

    Cheers for looking at mine. I really encourage you to get your guild and your fellow Order into Keep taking, even if it’s not for loot, XP, Renown etc. Just do it for fun.

    Not sure what your server is like, but on Darklands Order doesn’t seem to do ORvR as much as Destro (I admit they have recently started putting up a fight, but never can win over Destro in the long term). I encourage all players, Order and Destro, to just set asside leveling and renown gaining and go have a WAR!

  5. Speaking of linking to one’s blog, I’ve got an idea to fix open RvR that I’m hoping will gather momentum. Rather than talking about increasing rewards, I think we need to make it super easy to group up for open RvR:


    Also re: thegreenskin and Aussie IP’s… I haven’t had any problems, living in Melbourne.

  6. Oh and those suggestions of additions to keep sieges can be found here: http://www.warhammeralliance.com/forums/showthread.php?t=154810

    Keep up the top work Syp!!

  7. Greenskin working fine for me, and I’m an Aussie too! Maybe it’s just a particular ISP?

  8. No reward for holding keeps is a good point to bring up. At least in DAoC there was a realm award for RvRing and doing your part. Oh I miss DarknessFalls.

  9. Greenskin works on and off for me (Aussie) btw it wasnt a koala attack. would have been a drop bear, they hate tourists…

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