My Purpose Is Found

October 17, 2008

Just a quick little anecdote before I forget it:

The other day I’m playing Tor Anroc, which is an “okay” scenario… nothing exciting, straight-forward, and due to the terrain Destruction ALWAYS gets the thingie first. What I do like is that it caters to careers with knockbacks, which some people hate but I don’t personally mind… using or having them used on me. It’s a big “whee!” as someone flies into lava.

So a Chosen sees me and goes, “Hm, I think a Syp Salad sounds like a healthy lunch!” and starts to wail away with his Final Fantasy VII sword on my head. Ow. Ow. Ow. Oh, hey, my Point Blank morale is up! Have fun on your flight, Mr. Chosen, and thank you for flying Syp Airlines.


Crap. He lands in the middle of the lava… on a rock. All safe and sound. I know he can’t really get back to land without dying, but I can’t resist adding insult to injury.

/concussion grenade


Did you know that Chosen in lava are like those Hot Pockets? The armor helps cook the insides quite well.



  1. Crispy crunchy tender flakey crust!

  2. I heart conc grenades. They bring memories of Team Fortress Classic. Good times, good times.

  3. People are so down on Tor Anroc but I really like it. Matches are usually fast and furious, we spend a lot of the time actually fighting the other team rather than guarding a boring flag, plus … knockbacks!

  4. I hate you. And all of your Order friends. Torn Anus is the worst Scenario, because it relies completely on knockback, and Order has far better and further knockbacks than Destruction. It’s very unbalanced.

  5. I laughed.

    Then I realized that you’re on my server and now I’d just like to say:

    Bastard dwarf!


  6. I’m not a fan of lava as a game mechanic, it’s an old rant for me, very tired gameplay idea… but that said, I don’t mind Tor Anroc, probably because the bauble style of gameplay is the most even between the sides (although they should reduce the NPC defenses around Order’s base and make the distance slightly further for Destruction).

    The knockbacks don’t bother me nearly as much as I thought they might. Actually I rather enjoy them, because they still take a bit of skill. I don’t know how many times I’ve been knocked back in entirely ineffectual ways. Certainly more often than landing in the lava.

  7. You remind me just why my WP Vandiel always throws herself bodily in front of the engineer. ;)You guys can sometimes mean all the difference between a certain defeat and a hard won victory.

    ❤ Engineers.

  8. I really actually love Tor Anroc. And Temple of Isha. And… awww who am I kidding? I just like to KILL DESTRUCTION by healing my friends 🙂

    Knockbacks are fun but I have yet to figure out how to get a good screenshot of me doing it. I’m working on it though!

  9. I ❤ my cutting wind abilkity on my swordmaster..i wait until it is on..dive into te biggest, scumbucket destro group and DANCE….them right into the lava, other sie of the cliff, or just away! its so much fun.

    And no, I don’t mind that destro has em as well.

    Adds a bit of strategy and timing to the sc.

    I hope they make one similar with those nasty little environmental hazards..hmm, spiked ground?

  10. I have nothing against Tor Anroc, or even against lava (they could add a couple more rocks to get onto and leap-frog out, but oh well). It’s just that it gets stale after the 200th time playing it.

    Knockbacks are the only thing that keep the fun it.

  11. Than you forget that a chosen gets knock back at level 14, and it isnt a moral. Bye bye stupid dwarf!

  12. On getting to the ball first..

    I find the furthest point froward on destruction side.. (left by the cage).. blow a sprint and start moving at 1 sec.. (used to be wait for 4 sec from 0 but they seemed to fixed the countdown) and just like a racing game hug the inside corners and straight line .. 9/10 times i can ge to the ball first… but there are times i still get beat.. so i know order can do it.. just need to work at it.

    For example if I take the red line you’ll win.. but by taking the green line.. and cutting the corners.. and i mean like jumping the edges (sometimes i miss and meet lava lol) the only destruction that beat me is a Marauder taking the same line.. their double sprint gets me but if they don’t take the line i take.. I beat um.

    I suggest you take the green line.. zoom camera into FPS mode so you can see better.. and learn where you can straight-line it.. you know the whole “shortest distance between to points” thing.

    Just don’t do what i did. got the ball once.. still in FPS camera.. spun around but not 180 more like 270.. jumped right into the lava.. DAMNIT! now when im on the straight I camera out to max.

    As for the fun of Tor Anoc.. meh now that i got a knock back (25 for Shammies) its tolerable.. but b4 then its like being the mole in whack a mole.. and seems we (that’s the rest of destruction) don’t seem to see a knock back coming.. just sit there and let them get to your side .. sure just let them hit you into the lava..

    And no i don’t win um all.. and sometimes yes one slips thru and gets me.. but still..

  13. I do have to say that I (DoK) only get hit into the lava once every 2 or 3 matches in Tor Anroc now. My play style is to pick and choose my battles, fight where we have the advantage, and keep my back to the wall. Yeah I get knocked around but I almost always hit a wall, pillar, ballista, or just get knocked far away and land on dry ground. If you are aware of the angles then you should be fine.

    Oh and Bright Wizards are all warm and squishy inside mmmmmmmmmmm… I tend to go for them 1st, then the healers.

  14. I bust out my Standard while in Tor Anroc and either myself or someone in my party gets the Bauble 100% of the time. It just works out that way, even when I’m playing for hours. I do remember one time I decided to not bother w/ the standard and Order beat us to the Bauble. I time it so the standard is put away at the exact moment that I reach the top to grab it and then I sprint back toward the rear of our troops. DoK’s are great for the bauble because of all of our heals and 10% bonus to self healings we can give ourself. I have a specific loadout for when I have the bauble that gives me more HP and bonus healing for myself and my party.

  15. ya forgot about the standard..

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