Want Faster Graphics? Jack Up Your Settings.

October 16, 2008

It seems to go against the grain of common sense, but I’ve heard this enough to actually try it out, and so far, it’s worked. If you want a faster frames-per-second in Warhammer Online, jacking up your settings might well be the way to go.

As a guy who invested a lot of money in a new graphics card, I’ve struggled with the unsteady graphical performance of WAR.  Hitching and terrrrrible lag, particularly in keep fights, have kept me away from enjoying WAR in high fidelity as it deserves to be.  Some of the hitching was fixed with a previous patch, installing new NVidia drivers helped somewhat, but I still was running around the game with no AA or AF to speak of, and it still lagged on me when I needed the FPS the most.

So I followed the directions of the links below — this is somewhat common knowledge, so I’m not passing it off as my own — and was testing it out today.  So far, pretty good.  The game LOOKS incredibly better, that’s for sure, although I can’t seem to toggle off lightmaps and specular lighting in game as I need to, according to the guide.  And I’m still not sure whether I should be going with AAx16Q or just AAx16, so I’ll fiddle with it.  But oddly enough, my FPS have not taken a hit from the higher graphics settings, and even seem to be increasing them in scenarios.

I pass this along to you, in hopes that it might help a bit (although I suspect there’s still a lot of work on Mythic’s end that needs to happen to make the game run way smoother):



  1. Sheesh, thanks. I appreciate it. Whoever programmed that one was a moron though.

  2. Yeah, that helped for me to (although just doing 2x AA and AF helped my FPS more than 16x…a bit)

    It DIDNT help the fact that I run an SLI setup, and the game runs better with SLI disabled than when I run both the cards.

    And it should be noted that new Nvidia drivers came out yesterday as well.

  3. You know that’s the main reason I decided not to continue playing WAR – the hours I’ve put into trawling forums, blog posts and various tech sites in general, trying to find a fix for this or a fix for that, mostly the uber lag spikes of doom that last more than 5 minutes at a time (but only at night – go figure). Didn’t find a fix that actually worked for that, but one night the lag spikes had dropped to a few seconds.

    For once I don’t feel I’ve gotten burned out on a game, but I’m definitely burned out on trying fixes. The game itself has improved performance-wise for me, but so much of the time it still feels like I’m fighting my character to get her to do what I want. I’ll be keeping an eye on WAR, but I’ll just have to remember in future to not jump into a game as soon as it’s released. It’s just too heartbreaking wanting the game to work so much, but having every “fix” fail on you.

  4. nVidia released new drivers on October 15th, so they are up to 178.24. I think I also read that ATI released new drivers too.

    I’ll try this in the morning, but I’m not holding my breath. The game has some serious coding problems. All my testing, and this is hours upon hours of testing, has concluded that the stuttering problem has to do with the data transfer of character information. I’ve seen jumps in frame rate going up 10 to 15 frames just by crossing a zone line, say from Ostland to High Pass. No graphic view changes there, just a zone change.

    Mythic has been ignoring us, the 23,000 Google search results with this problem, claiming it doesn’t exist or only affects a minor few. VN boards is the only place they seem to post, because there’s some blind brainwashed people running the boards over there who lock anything that even brings up this problem.

    It’s a really sad situation. Best MMO I’ve ever played, most fun I’ve ever had, and it has this fatal flaw that makes it run like crap.

    I’m conflicted what to do. If I don’t have a fix by the 22nd, I want to vote with my money and cancel to hurt EA Mythic, but I love the game and want to play, but not play a slideshow, but a fully functional game. Very conflicted.

  5. Warhammer at first wasn’t as intensively resourceful as I first thought based on the minimum requirement specs provided by Mythic. What really kills is during RvR zerg sessions with tower and keep sieges. You have 100 men from each faction, totaling 200. I highly doubt that an issue of the video card would be enough to fix that, prob a quad core with 4gigz of ram.

  6. […] found a way to reduce stuttering in game. You try it yourself over there. I’m going to give it a try as well. I also read somewhere to turning off grass could help […]

  7. I often think that people diddle with things way to much to the point of complicating matters.

    A game developer would target the lowest common denominator, people that do nothing more than turn the PC on and click icons. I usually find that going with the default settings and options is the best idea.

    I’m running WAR on High Quality on a MacBook Pro. The worse issue I have is when the Warrior Priest does a certain blessing the effect slows me down for 10 seconds.

  8. I play on an HP 8510w laptop with an NVIDIA Quadro FX 570M (256 meg) video card. And I’m having a gas playing the game.

    I’ve had to fiddle around with my graphics card a bit, though. The best thing I’ve done is follow the basic guidelines Syp points to here with one exception: I turned off all anti-aliasing AA. Once I did that, I consistently stay around 25-30 fps which plays great for a laptop.

    It would be nice to see improvements made to the graphics, but so far it’s not stopping me from really enjoying the game in all its facets from PVE to Scenarios to RVR to big Keep BAttles.

  9. From that page:

    “Did it work for you?”
    “It helped somewhat. What I found helped the most was upgrading from the beta client to retail.”

    Interesting… I’m still using my old beta client. I wonder if I should uninstall it and re-install the game from DvD…

  10. Also:

    “To change the lighting in-game, click fastest framerate, then turn up everything except the lighting options. “

  11. I had a sneaking suspicion that whenever your client has higher frames per second, it requests more updates from the server for random things, and somewhere along the line if it doesn’t get those updates, the client starts to choke…

    I noticed that raising graphics settings was helping performance in scenarios early on, but it was minimal. This was sort of confirmed when someone shared a slash command that prevents the group UI from updating – after using that command, scenarios were sometimes lag free.

    It seems that mythic has since then fixed the issue with the group window, but there must be something else that still needs a limit outside of frame rate, in my opinion.

  12. You can turn off spectral and light maps through editing your user settings.

    In your WAR directory click the user file. Inside, right click and edit the UserSettings file. Look for either “perfcustom1” or “perfcustom2”. Whichever one you choose, change specular’s value to false and lightmaps value to false. Save the file. Then when in game choose whichever settings you changed, either “Custom Settings 1” or two.

  13. hmmm….I thought I installed the retail client…I’ll have to check that out.

    Thanks Snafzg

  14. Thanks Snafzg!

    So whats the command that prevents the group UI from updating? Inquiring minds wants to know 🙂
    The game is still choppy, more so when playing a melee character. My rig is outdated, but most other games run a lot smoother.
    And curse ATI for not supporting AGP cards anymore in their latest drivers.

  15. […] some people have seen performance upgrades by turning up certain graphics […]

  16. So I think it works? I cannot tell empirically or if I’m just having a placebo effect, but I want to say that it rocks now?

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