The Misadventures of Syp Part XIV

October 15, 2008

First of all:

We fixed a bug that could sometimes cause the Engineer’s turret to endlessly loop the sound and animation for its “Machine Gun” ability.

Hallelujah! I can actually use my gun turret again and not have to worry about annoying the ever-living snot out of my teammates. Although I was finding it useful and fun to leave one of those guns near the enemy as a form of aural torture.

So here’s the scoop on where Syp (the Engineer) is at.  I’m dithering around in the Badlands at rank 24, already at Dwarf Chapter 14 and a little afraid I’m already pushing the upper limit of T3 content with 6 ranks to go.  I’m not rushing, and am keeping things spicy with a large variety of activities: last night I did a Gunbad run (fun, I really am warming up to Mythic’s version of dungeons), the night before some open RvR keep defense, and various scenarios (who am I kidding… only one scenario ever pops, and it’s Tor Anroc).  Syp has some visual glitches — her shoulders won’t show (not all shoulders, just this particular item) and, of course, the no-show trophies.  As you can see, with the white-and-purple dye, I look like I’m sporting sneakers, which is the practical footwear for the on-the-go Engineer.

I’ve been pushing myself to experiment with the class and not get settled into just one way of doing things.  I’m contemplating taking Gun Shot out of my rotation, especially since it has no great purpose in PvP (I rarely get to just plink away at enemies without them getting all up in my bid’ness), but supplementing it with two career tactics that boost my ballistics skill and increase auto-attack fire by 50%.  Pew pew.  Last night in Gunbad I enjoyed just laying down my DOTs and then auto-attacking to see how that’d go, hitting Hip Shot when it was up.  Seemed to go fairly well.

For PvP, I still rely on the two tactics that boost my armor and corporeal resistance, just to give me more survivability.

It seems as though Barbed Wire isn’t as useful in PvP as it used to be, although it’s still in my arsenal to be annoying.  I’m always kind of excited to use Lightning Rod — great graphics, nice AOE damage.

I respecced a bit, to try to push up the Tinkerer’s path to get the Bugbear’s Best ability faster (I can heals!).  Unfortunately, this means I took out the tactic that let me lay down a turret instantly, so I’m not using turrets in PvP on the go, only when I have a few moments of not being under fire.

I do like the class and am not regretting rolling one, but I will agree with the common perception that we’re pretty far down on an enemy’s threat list due to our fairly poor single-target burst damage (most of our high damage numbers comes from spreading AOE DOTs all over the place… lots of damage points, but little in terms of fatality) and extreme squishiness. I really can’t wait to see some serious improvements to the class, although I keep hearing how overpowered Electromagnet (and the Magus counterpart) is.  So that has the interesting effect of making people whine about how OVERpowered we are, a very much underpowered class with one awesomesauce ability.

I read a post yesterday — dag it, why can’t I bookmark these when I read them! — in which the author was bemoaning how ranged classes were ruling the day, and the poor melee dps guys were the underdogs in all of this.  Aww.  Allow me not to shed a single tear.

Perhaps he/she was talking about Bright Wizards and Sorceresses, but in my experience melee dps classes (Witch Elves, Witch Hunters, Marauders, White Lions) and even tank dps classes don’t seem to be hurting AT ALL, especially when I’m sliced up in three seconds flat by a Witch Elf who barely stops to /slit at me before running on.  Engineers, Shadow Warriors, Squig Herders, Maguseses… they’re really hurting to do decent long-ranged dps, especially when melee closes the distance so fast.  I saw a chart over at GamerDNA, where they did a survey and saw that the poor Squig Herders are the least-played class, period.  A ranged pet class, being the least-played?  What happened there?

So that’s pretty much where I’m at.  I do wish I was progressing through my 20’s a bit — a lot — faster, and I’m starting to shy away from soloing more and more, looking for open groups and whatnot.  PQs just aren’t fun when you’re grinding them out, but they can be a blast with the right type of group.  Plus, they’re like meat shields to keep the Syp safe and cozy from harm.



  1. Gun Blast is a rarely used skill for me too. Since I went the grenade path I use all of them, and Incend Rounds, Hipshot. We really lack any sort of burst dps and can’t keep melee off os us long enough to DoT them down. It is still fun to play though.

  2. You’re pretty much correct about Engineers not being much of a threat to someone in a skirmish. I find that my Engineer (Grenadier specced) is at his best during a keep defense. Stacking AoE DoTs, handing out sticky bombs, and there’s napalm in my future… all of this doesn’t kill enemies on it’s own, but it overtaxes them until the atackers reach their breaking point. It’s easy for a healer to keep one target up when I shoot at them. I drain a healer’s entire action pool when I put an acid grenade and a frag grenade on 15 of them. I’ve tipped more than one last stand fight at the keep lord in our favor.

    Oh, and use your sticky bomb on marauders – witch elves go off on suicidal attacks and die far away from the rest of the team, but marauders run back by their healers and jump up and down for heals. Then the bomb explodes, catching the healers in the area of effect.

  3. When I play a healer, either my zealot or recently rerolled runepriest, the engineer/magus and squig herder are classes I am not really scared of and it is definitely the melee that rip me to pieces. However, those three, while the least threatening, are definitely the most annoying for a healer. Trying to get a big 3 second heal or a quick res is impossible with a squig, turrent or daemon attacking you (often through walls). You probably don’t notice it, but it is infuriating for me, especially since team mates all but ignore turrents, daemons and pets most of the time.

  4. Unrelated to the post, but since you are the King of the Warhammer Blogs (I know shameless praise)I was wondering if you knew of a way to look at your toon offline and check out his gear etc. kind of like The Wow Armory. Thanks for the great blog, I enjoy it everyday at work.

  5. @ Grogin – Check out the Realm War page, you can see any character or guild and all their goodies.

  6. WHAT! Wait, squiggers keep my SM pinned or knock me around.

    Pretty much every destro just walks right by me, if it wasnt for my Wind Spin ability, I never take anyone down.

    The fact thatthey are going at you to take you out first and foremost tells me that you are a threat. I see my engineer patriots numbers flying of the target, with my occassional damage popping up.

    You should be proud to be target number one.

    I usually sit alone, standing with what should be an intimadating great sword of doom.

    But seems im just carrying a wiffle bat!

    Nahh..not whining, just trying to say, you are more important on the SC field than you think. I maybe able to stall a destro scum, but you takem down.

    Miwa the Wiffle Bat Master

  7. Ok, I feel like noob. Didn’t even see those options when I check the damn herald everyday for news. Thanks!!

  8. I hate to say it, because I love my lil Engineer, but they are one of if not the lowest-ranking threat to my black orc on the field. The only time I bother with Engineers is when all the Bright Wizards and Witch Hunters are dead, or if one annoys me long enough by plinking me while I’m tearing his buddies apart. I feel similarly about Swordmasters; they just don’t seem like much of a threat, and every time I’ve fought a SM 1-on-1 I stomped him into the dirt.

    I really hope the Engineer and Squig Herder get some more dramatic DPS, maybe a sniping bonus or a sustained fire bonus (and they may get these things already; my Engineer is only 11, I don’t know). They’re both fun, interesting careers, but they are overshadowed by the Bright Wizards and Sorcerers in the RDPS dept. I know an Engineer is supposed to be the RDPS equivalent of a warpriest (damage/support), but I doubt any engineers would complain if the damage side of things was bumped up a bit.

  9. I dunno, the engineer seems best when used in the attrition role via AoE. I am only level 14 doing t2 scenarios, but I am top 3 damage dealer most of the time. Hanging back, 40-50′ range, bombardment turret, acid bomb, shooting what I can, barbed wire to slowdown attackers trying to shoot through the lines, seem to be pretty effective. I find it works best in the middle area between the front and back line. I think the frag grenade and land mine are only going to make this even better.

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