Muppet Newsflash

October 15, 2008

From VN Boards:

Coming later this week – The first post-launch State of the Game

That is all.



  1. I wonder if they’ll address the performance issues. My guess would be that they won’t.

  2. I’d bet that if they do, it’s a glancing comment along the lines of “we’re continually working on increasing client performance and stability”. Maybe we’ll be surprised though.

  3. we were going to put up our predictions, but got carried away on a wave of whining instead 😛

  4. imsure it will be:

    – # of registered players

    – #of banned goldsellers

    – I swear we are fixing the mail

    – what we are doing to fix low-pop servers

    – showing of pictures of Marks new car (cha-ching! thank you gold sellers!)

  5. @ Slurm

    “showing of pictures of Marks new car (cha-ching! thank you gold sellers!)”

    I just can’t stop laughing at that one =D

  6. Looking forward to this. I really hope I’m disproven in all of my concerns and he faces the bigger problems head on.

    I’d list them, but meh plenty of discussions around over each individual issue, there’s no shortage of them unfortunately.

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