10,000 Banned Accounts Can Be Wrong

October 14, 2008

Today, as the Banhammer counter on the WAR front page flipped past the 10,000 mark (10,000!  Holy snickerdoodles!), suddenly I realized I hadn’t seen a gold spammer in Warhammer for quite a few days.  And even then, it was far more sparse than before.

Seeing how it’s become the “in thang” to rake Mythic over the coals for every apparent wrong, it’s important to give them credit.  I’m pretty amazed how fast and hard they moved on this.  Good riddance to Mr. Spammer!



  1. Copies of WAR are selling for $45 at Amazon. That’s nearly half a million dollars from spammers.

  2. You’re fortunate. I still get about a spam per hour, give or take.

  3. I’ve had a few spammers, but their messages were short and less annoying than usual, and after reporting them they disappeared.

  4. I also wonder if they must have put some type of internal filter in — I don’t think just banned accounts would account for the drop-off in spam I’ve seen.

  5. I’m pretty happy if they can keep this up.

    I suspect the gold farmers aren’t making much profit either just from WAR’s economy, it’s not filled with as many gold sinks at least. We’ll see in the long run though with Keep fees and whatnot.

    As for Mythic getting raked over the coals: The game is so close to great, but there are some significant hurdles they seem stuck on. On this particular issue, I don’t think they handled it terribly well at first.

  6. Unfortunately as of last night I still received 3 gold seller tells.

    However, as of patch 1.03 to be applied we will be able to report gold sellers just by typing /rg

    From the WAR Hearld:
    “The war against the gold sellers continues! We have introduced a new “report gold seller” command that works as follows: when you type /rg, the game will automatically fill out a gold seller appeal using the name of the last player who sent you a tell. If you get an unwanted /tell from a pesky gold seller, type /rg to start an appeal and get them busted!”

    Lets all rejoice!!

  7. Damn right! Mythic has done more in a month against gold spammers than WoW has done in many years.

    Or at least it sure seems that way from the amount of spam I get in WoW compared to WAR. (Yes I’m playing both currently…)

  8. I couldn’t agree more. I continue to be impressed by how quickly and effectively Mythic respond to issues that arise in WAR. In fact, I can’t recall seeing a single gold spammer at any time during my travels through Burloc [EU].

  9. Gold spammers are so annoying, this new report feature should be good. WOW is just lame when dealing with gold spammers.

  10. I must admit, it makes me happy to see them hitting the spammers so hard..

    Kudos Mythic /cheer

  11. Three cheers and a cupcake for WAR!

    Now if only “other games” would follow their lead… :::grumble grumble:::

  12. That is… a lot of goldsellers.

    This makes me think that a viable investment would be to buy the rights to some high profile franchise and spend some miniscule amount of money making it look flashy, but have bugger all content. Hype it up through the roof.

    The goldsellers will flock to it like moths to a flame at release, and you can have lots of fun post-launch repeatedly banning them all. Should be good for several million dollars worth of revenue before they catch on that the game sucks and nobody plays it for them to sell gold to 🙂

    (P.S. I am not implying that WAR sucks, I am implying that gold-sellers are stupid)

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