A Fair Fight

October 11, 2008

Always fun when you enter a scenario and go, “Hey, I’m the only person here!”  And shortly thereafter, “No, I’m the only ORDER person here!” right before five Destructoids stomp on your face.

I think Mythic was messing with me.



  1. I seem to notice this more and more in Tier 3? Not being alone, but for sure less then Destro.

    Also, have the changed how you start and possibly rotation, because new SC’s have been popping which is nice! (Using the join-all function)


  2. I love it when this happens! Me and my friend got into an intense 2v2 scenario (IB and Engi v Chosen and Squiggie). It was great fun, until…10 other destro showed up, that was fun!

  3. Did the “unbalanced team” code ever work, or did you just leave?

  4. Guess they (Mythic) thought you were OP, so they devised a unique way to nerf you, by beating you to death.

  5. I bet they couldn’t wait to log onto the WHA forums and start a post flaming what an epic fail you are. SIGH.

    (Fair’s fair, I’ve seen this happen on both sides, so I’m not being faction-ist, promise!)

  6. I had this yesterday..

  7. This is a new bug, it happened to me too. We got the Dam scenario, and our side had eight (Destruction), and Order had two. It ended the scenario saying it was unbalanced after two and a half minutes.

    So with their Join All, they introduced a new bug it seems.

    It’s so sad that the only Scenario that pops is Torn Anus, since Order wins it 90% of the time on Badlands, with their overpowered knockbacks. They really need to balance things, and put a stop to Torn Anus scenario, because I’m so sick of it, but it’s the only T3 one that will pop, because it’s the only one Order on my server will queue up for, because they can win it so easily.

  8. i’m impressed; ran for three minutes before they got you!

  9. This happened to myself and Nazgum last night. We joined Highpass and were like, “WTF, we’re the only ones here! This’ll be easy!”

    Then 8 order showed up and we never got any reinforcements. Strangely, a queue for Tor Anroc popped while we were inside, so we joined straight from there.

  10. Its because your name is Syp, Mythic thought to give you a challenge 😛

  11. lol Syp..you could have tossed out at least one attack. Go down fighting man. I imagine you running for your life. You crack me up.

    I am really trying to understand why this is an issue on all servers. Tor Anroc has never been undermanned by Order. Most of the other T3 scenarios that I have played, every blue moon, have been lacking in Order numbers. I can’t recall losing any non Tor Anroc scenarios, for this reason.

    Mythic needs to seriously address this issue. I am thinking that it has something to do with the game code. I have also heard of the same problems in T4.

  12. I’m guessing this would be caused by both sides having enough to trigger the scenario but then most of the team chooses not to join probably because it took so long to start it they are somewhere else, afk or just not interested anymore.

  13. I pretty sure this is not a bug, because it is always a couple of Order and a lot of Destruction. I have had it happen to me over the last few days on every scenario except for one. Can you guess what scenario always has a full team of Order? (Hint: Knockbacks really help in this one)

    I personally believe that it’s Order queuing for all but then only taking the queue if above mentioned scenario comes up.

  14. Maybe not accepting a queue should bump you to the back of the line for all scenarios? Also once you enter a scenario it freezes your place in line for the other queus.

  15. I thought that it was supposed to cancel your other queues as soon as one popped. Will have to check tonight.

    I was on my BOrc last night and we had only 3 in highpass cemetary to 12 Order. Got rolled on the first fight and then it auto ended the raping. So it can happen in the opposite direction.

    As for Tor Anroc (Torn Anus, oh wow, that made me laugh to almost passing out, thanks, I needed that today. 🙂 I don’t bother doing it anymore. Never seen one go even kinda evenly let alone destro winning. And with all the other scenarios taking more than an hour to pop even during prime time… yeah, right. Dis chit is broked boss. I guess it proves that if just one scenario is noticably out of balance it can screw an entire tier. I hope getting this fixed is the number 1 priority because tier 3 RvR is sucking.

  16. […] get a pop-up saying that the game will end because of this. Repeatedly. And then it doesn’t (except when it does). Do you want to suicide repeatedly and pointlessly or just wait for the other team to get bored […]

  17. My guess is some WAR dev reads your blog, saw your new banner, and decided to give you the opportunity to take a screenshot version of it. I trust you made good use of the offer?

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