Little Things

October 10, 2008



  1. yar?…..?

  2. I’ve never played on a RP server before, does everyone always talk ‘in character’ all the time? Do you even chat like that to your guildmates? ( When you not on vent/ts) It seems like it could be quite fun. ( ‘specially if it’s at all like the posts you make of your little outings and expeditions ) One can really immerse yourself in it 😛

  3. No, RP servers are basically just like normal servers with a stricter naming policy. You’ll have little groups of actual RPers who do their thing, but most people talk out-of-character and are pretty normal people.

  4. If 2 pirates walk into a bar.. why?

    cuz Der Be an Eh an a Arrrgh

    .. cheesy ya..

  5. HER stuff? 😛

    Oh yeah, yooz a gurl stunty! That IS RP. 🙂

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