I Love The Power Glove, It’s So Gunbad

October 10, 2008

(Sidenote: WAAAGH! just crossed 4,000 comments, which absolutely boggles my mind. And I thought *I* wrote a lot!)

I have a pretty firm rule — if the guild is gearing up for an event to do together, that gets priority. Wednesday night, it was another Tome unlock exploration trip through Norsca and Nordland by our very own Tirin, who reportedly spends 26 hours a day poking around everywhere trying to find new unlocks. That was a cool trip, mostly because he showed us how to get to the lair in Norsca that involved a lot of platform jumping. Where’s Super Mario when you need him?

Last night it was an expedition deep into the heart of Mount Gunbad, the T3 dungeon of dreams. I’d been looking forward to poking around in there, to see if the reported claims that dungeon running in the upper tiers was a vast improvement over Sewers was true. Happily, the answer came back “Yuppers!”

Gunbad is an underground mountain kingdom that sort of reminded me of Zork’s underground empire. Y’know, except for the lack of Grues. Inside the zone there’s an absolute wealth of quests, so many I had to dump a ton from my quest log just to gather them all (side note: seriously, what keeps devs in any MMO from creating an infinite quest log where there’s no upper limit on quests? Is there a yearly summit where MMO devs gather and vote, “Not this year! HAHAHA”?).

It was a little odd — okay, a LOT odd — to bump into other warbands running around the place, considering that I’m pretty used to having an entire instance to just me and my buddies. Yet in a way it was kinda cool, and the monster respawn was quick enough for it not to be an issue if you were going after a certain mob or something.

(Fun Easter egg: at the entrance area, scoot up to the edge of the cliff and look down… you should be able to see a giant mob named ‘Ard Ta Feed.)

Gunbad has an influence bar, just like PQs — actually, it’s chock full of PQs to gobble up for INF and loot. On our second PQ I actually rolled the top and got my very first purple bag of the game, which vomited out a purple ring that I will love and call him Squishy and he will be my Squishy. It’s an unsettling feeling to know that your once-loyal teammates are staring daggers at your back and contemplating giving you a brutal nudge the next time you’re close to a cliff.

Nah, just kidding. I hope. We did a few PQs, and I watched my XP creep just a little bit, while my INF bar went up a whole notch. I don’t have a good feel for the layout of Gunbad — I do know that we passed one instanced room that apparently you can’t go in unless your influence high enough — but it was nice to the eye and pretty fun to romp around in. I even amused myself by making WoW references on vent, to the annoyance of my guildies:

“Hey, this looks like Ogrimmar!”

“Does everyone have their heroic keys?”

“Guys, can we get a summon here?”

“I need you all to help chip in. My repair bill’s going to be monstrous.” (another voice: “And don’t forget the cost of his ammo!”)

We finally got to a room that has a giant bubbling pot and some guys that try to throw themselves into it. By working through the PQ in the room, we eventually unleashed a monster ghost guy, the Grim Reaper of Gunbad. Minutes ticked by as we organized an attack plan, with all of us squishies huddled behind our rank 30 healer like kids tucking behind their mom’s skirt. Finally, the challenge was issued, the hero mob roared, we steeled our spines, and…

…crash to desktop. Hey! Good timing! I furiously tried to log in as I heard the mortal screams of the wounded and dying across vent, but it was too little, too late. Actually, I have no idea what happened, because once I logged back in the game had kicked me aaaaall the way out of the Gunbad instance, and there was no way I was going to be able to run back to where everyone else was without an escort. And I’m too poor to afford one of those cars.

I’ve decided to park Syp at Gunbad for a while, and do a mix of scenarios and dungeon crawling if I can find PUGs or whatnot, to help me get over this XP hump. Excelsior!



  1. That happened to me when I was in the Sewers. Except it was like 10 minutes into the instance, and it just happened to be a massively bad Blue Screen of death.

  2. That Lucas was so smug. I have yet to make it to Gunbad, only the first 2 sewers for me so far 😦

  3. Funny, I was in Gunbad with my engineer on Wednesday and I also got a purple bag, and probably the same ring. 🙂 We managed to defeat the reaper, but it was tough going with that AoE.

    This is what dungeon instances should be like: you can charge them mostly in Zerg mode with enough people. No pulling trash mobs and hugging walls as you inch your way to the bosses.

    Of course there are those much tougher instance within instance places where you can only get one party in. My warband disbanded there and we assembled the best team we could. And they actually managed to defeat the boss! Although it was very close with healer at 200 hp at one point.

  4. I haven’t run Gunbad yet, but I’ve jumped down to the bottom (dying of course) and taken some screenshots of the big Squig at the bottom.

    Can see them at my website link I posted for here (my name). It’s my screenshot gallery. I need to take more shots.

  5. ‘Ard Ta Feed is not really an Easter Egg (beside the name) – go kill that giant squig!

  6. ‘ard ta feed is actually the final boss of the instance (lvl 33 hero).
    If you head down, following the path in the middle you’ll eventually get to a battle between greenskins and undead (another PQ actually), after that there are 2 instance portals, one is the boss of the “middle wing”, the other leads to the giant squig.
    You need to beat the 3 wings’ bosses and have full influence before you are able to pass through the portal that gets you to him though.

    As for the “grim reaper”-mob you mention, he’s pretty tough.
    He keeps covering the ground in something that does up to 1800 dmg/tick to my lvl 30 mage and stays longer than its cooldown, so you are left with less and less space as the fight goes on.
    This is especially annoying since you can’t actually see the stuff if you play with low magic effects setting, so my guildmates had to guide my steps over TS to keep me from killing myself 😉

  7. What are the odds, my guild Exceed on Ulthuan went there for the 1st time last night and had a blast. This was some great PVE action! Did anyone get scared poopless by a dumb big spider jumping out of the ground? I mean REALLY big spider! There were 12 of us that explored around in there ranging from lvl 20 – 26.

  8. We did kill the Reaper, Syp, though it was tough. I was rezzing my little dwarved tushie off. Then we went into an instance that only takes a group at a time, and group one downed the boss (something-mixa) and got a nice reward. Group 2 had only 4 members because the others couldn’t get in or crashed to login when they tried, and we ALMOST killed the boss, but not quite.

    We didn’t do anything after that. But it was a good time.

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