Tome Tactics: Our Last, Best Hope For Peace

October 8, 2008

Something that doesn’t get a lot of press these days are the little hexagons lurking in your lower-left corner of the screen — your tactics, character modifications that you can change on the fly without spending a single brass coin on a respec or anything. As you collect more tactics along your journey, and as your tactics slots eventually expand to include four career, two RvR and one Tome (PvE) tactic slot, you’ll have access to a bevy of choices in how you want to “load out” your character for various situations. You can even save multiple pre-set loadouts quite easily by clicking on the number next to the tactics slots.

Career Tactics come standard with your class — you’ll get these at various levels when you go to the trainer, as well as a few that you can buy with mastery points. They tend to have a very powerful impact on your character’s abilities and are unique to your career.

RvR Tactics are purchased at the renown trainer as you level up in renown ranks. WAAAGH! recommends quickly purchasing the +5% more XP from scenarios as your first tactic. There’s also a +5% renown tactic that looks tempting as well.

Tome Tactics are the last slot on your load out, and perhaps the least understood in the game. Serious PvPers won’t bother with them, most likely, because they don’t affect PvP play in the slightest, and most players have no idea how to go about getting them or what they do. That’s where we come in. And then rob your house.

As the name implies, you unlock this tactic through your Tome of Knowledge by doing various activities. It could be fighting a specific mob, talking to a specific NPC, or clicking on a specific item, at which point you’ll get a message that you’ve unlocked “part” of a Tome tactic (such as the “Man tactic” or “Greenskin tactic”). This is where it’s a bit confusing — I know it was for me — because you can’t actually get the tactic after your first unlock. No, to earn a Tome tactic, you have to unlock multiple (at least two) entries that eventually cumulate into a real, purchasable tactic that you can obtain in your capital city (the library in Altdorf, for example).

The cool thing is that the more unlocks you get in a particular category (i.e. “Man” or “Greenskin”), the better the Tome tactic becomes. One unlock, and you have nothing. Two, and you can purchase a tactic that may, for instance, allow you to get 50% closer to a Greenskin mob (not a player) before aggroing it. Three unlocks, and you get the 50% closer thing, plus you take less damage from the mob. And so on.

Tome tactics will help your PvE life out considerably, particularly if you find yourself in an area with certain types of mobs all the time. Even PvPers might want to take a second look at them, because at the very least, they’ll help you run through zones without aggroing everything in the tri-state area.

It helps to have a guide point you to the Tome unlockers, because they’re not quite obvious. Start with this thread over at WHA forums that a friend guided me to — it has many (but not nearly all) of the Tome tactic unlock locations. Then mosey on to this much better post at Money News, which will help to clear up any residual confusion.



  1. Good post. Lots of information on those links…which is good seeing I am just NOW getting into the game this weekend.

    Should be fun to see what I have been missing.

  2. Linkback

    As far as I know the vendor for the tome tactics is currently not in the game.

  3. You know, up until now, i didnt know what that last slot was used for. And to be quite honest i haven’t even gotten into any instances at all, except for this one on the greenskin area that my map showed I had to turn in a couple of quests.

    Also, for what my guildmates have mentioned, the instances at least on the lower levels are rather tedious and with loot so useless that you’d rather kill rabbits until you have enough skin to create your own boots.

    In conclusion i think that the tome slot is not the most important thing to worry about, since for right now I am at level 22, and not rushing it, thanks to an early post you wrote Syp.

    Keep it up with the amazing blog and great topics man

  4. @ Tobold – Yeah, we keep checking the library for the vendor, but it can’t hurt to stock up on the unlocks for the time being.

  5. I’ve heard that the tome tactic slot/library vendors are disabled at the moment because of a bug that was allowing people to unlock career tactics and put them in the tome tactic slot. Until they fix the issue I’m guessing it will remain disabled unfortunately.

  6. How many mastery points do you need to unlock the first skill? I’m level 16 and the yellow bar is even with the skill but the circle with the skill is grey.

  7. @ Chris – you have to spend your next point to actually purchase the ability/tactic/morale ability once you get your yellow bar up that high. You purchase it by clicking on the icon itself in the mastery window.

  8. Also, until you hit rank 20 you only get a master point every other level. It bounces back to every level though after that. Check out the wardb career trainer and you can see what rank you need to be to get your first ability:


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  10. The Tome Tactic seller for Order is on the first floor of the Altdorf Library

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  13. […] Syp gives a good tutorial on tactics, explaining the difference between Career Tactics, RvR Tactics, and Tome […]

  14. […] I’ve done a whole article on these, so suffice to say that they’re (a) a good idea and (b) completely unintuitive how to attain them except through sheer luck or an internet guide. […]

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