Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

October 8, 2008

At the suggestion of comments left in my previous post, I headed over to VN Boards (motto: “The ‘V’ stands for ‘Victory’ and the ‘N’ stands for ‘Pie'”) to catch up on what Mark Jacobs was saying over here.  Turns out, he’s been definitely tossing info cookies to the players, so if you don’t have the time to catch up, here’s a few choice highlights:

In response to a poster asking for (1) more focus on open world RvR, (2) a better chat system with a wider range and (3) adding and refining a better crafting system, Mark said “Yes” to all three and then elaborated on the poster who asked for those three fixes/additions:

1. Open RvR is crucial to this game’s success. If we don’t have enough people doing open RvR, the game will not succeed as much as it could and should. We’re looking at all the data from the servers and if what is being reported here is true (too much emphasis on scenarios), we will certainly look at encouraging people to get involved in oRvR earlier than they may be doing right now. This will not involved nerfing of scenario exp, rp, etc. though.

2. We will have an improved chat interface/filters very quickly (hopefully in the next version). As I’ve said before, we really messed up on the presentation of the chat system. It really is quite powerful but too many people just didn’t know what they could do to make their lives easier. That’s our fault and we will correct that. Once I had my chat system set up properly, I was very pleased with the results. So, the next version you will see will have: a) more tabs by default; b) more filters; c) a reminder on how to set things up your way. Further down the road I want to see a chat editor similar to our layout editor. I also sent an idea to the team about a simple slash command (and then a button) to make gold spammer reporting quite easy.

3. I love the core crafting system and we definitely want to add a lot more stuff to it as the game evolves.

As to what else is coming, well, that would be telling but I guarantee that you’ll like what we are going to do before the year is out and afterward. As I promised before we launched, we are keeping the team on WAR and not moving them on to the expansion pack yet. Launching was only the first step…

4. Yes, we have big patches coming but not this month. This month is all about bug fixing, tweaks, adjustments and some small additions. I’ll be talking about the big patches either late this week or next depending on how things go. But adding more stuff now is not a great idea, we need to do the other stuff first (yes, baby steps) to make sure we don’t mess things up by trying to do too much too quickly. Plus, some of the big things we are working on take time to do. And yes, these things will be sub-packs not expansion packs. Just like we did with DAoC we plan on adding a lot new content to the game as part of our subscription service. No additional charge, fee or airline pass through cost required.



  1. 1. Only Tier 4 RvR matters, which is the inherent problem and by the time they solve that it’ll be too late as the majority will be at Endgame (and making the lower tiers matter may then actually backlash).

    2. I’m still very critical of Mythic’s approach to the gold spammers. They could very easily put ‘mass-tells disallowed’ in the EULA and throttle the spammers into silence.

    It seems really clear to me that they’re more interested in tracking the spammers, probably to try removing the gold farmers themselves. But so far, this is at the expense of the players who have to put up with the spam they could have avoided.

    I smell an eventual lawsuit coming from EA / Mythic towards gold sellers.

    3. I don’t love WAR’s crafting. It seems they’ve tried so hard to make crafting not matter to the gameplay and they’ve done a bangup job with that. =P

    But of course, that has it’s upside and downside. The crafter in me wants to weep while the PvP enthusiast is jumping for joy.

    4. I’m glad they’re concentrating on bugs and tweaks. They’ve got lots of content and I’m not rushing through it. The fixes are important because the bugs and design issues are numerous. If those aren’t fixed any new content won’t be as enjoyable as it could be.

    I’ve been negative about Mr. Jacobs in the past. He’s a talker and that means foot-in-mouth more than most, but lately he’s been direct and not only to the point, but on the right points! Seems to me Mythic is currently going in the right direction on most things.

  2. All of that is well and good, BUT, when the hell are they going to fix the mail system? It’s absolutely horrible and the biggest pile of crap I have ever seen in a game. It’s just unusable in it’s current state and always busy and waiting. It took me 45 minutes yesterday MORNING to get 25 items out of the mailbox. That’s just pathetic.

  3. […] Jacobs on Warhammer improvements Published October 8, 2008 Games , MMO , Warhammer Syp at the Waaagh Blog passed along an interesting post Mark Jacobs made on the VN Boards about future improvements to […]

  4. I heart Mark Jacobs. He comes on a forum, listens to people’s complaints, admits faults when he is wrong, says changes are on the way (if the data backs up accusations…thank god for data), and says he won’t nerg scenarios to make open rvr comparatively better.

    Hallelujah! Praise the Jacobs!

  5. Order:Destruction balancing would be nice too see, i mean DoK are invincible most of the time, and Chosen, Black Orcs, DoK, and Marauders vs shambles of Order melee dps equivalates to what exactly? Perfect balance in any MMO is impossible. Maybe if Order got an invincible class to counter the DoK, nerfs wouldn’t have to be made.

    If Mythic doesn’t fix some huge class balancing issues, Order will cease to exist.

  6. Threads like that one is a big train wreck. I couldn’t stop reading it. And I have to agree with Dahras, when Mark starts to talk about the Warhammer, I tend to get excited about the game. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping what he’s saying is going to get done.

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