Dev Hibernation

October 8, 2008

I guess it’s easy enough to get used to the near-constant stream of communication, chatter and info from Warhammer Online’s devs surrounding release, but is it just me, or have they gone a bit quiet lately?  I haven’t seen much of any of the devs on the forums, their blogs or even interviews (with a couple exceptions).

My theory?  It’s hibernation time at Mythic, with all of the team curling up inside the ChaosCave with their favorite blankies, teddy bears and cuddle partners, snoozing away until they regain the lost sleep from the crunch period.  And you know EVERYBODY would want Josh as their cuddle buddy.



  1. I’d think Blizzcon week is a good chance to take some time off.

    Or, travel to California to spy out the competition.

  2. They earned a much needed rest as this game came out with perhaps 10% of the bugs that I thought it would have based on how nearly unplayable WoW was when it 1st came out after beta…

    /golf clap

  3. I don’t think they’re hibernating persay……
    They are hot fixing and working on patches like crazy. I’ve never seen this much work done to a newly released MMO over this short of period ever.

    To me it just looks like they aren’t running themselves 110% ragged like they did moving up to launch. It looks like they are just working their tails off fixing the content, making tweaks and taking the other time as a well deserved break.

    Everyone needs off time sometime.

  4. Well also they have a whole team of CM reps able to groom and fluff every message.

  5. Nope. They are not making on WHA but they are more active on VNboards.

    Don’t know why though 🙂

  6. They’re slacking, that’s for sure! 🙂

  7. Mark has been very, very active on the VNBoards.

  8. I don’t tend to read VN boards as much, and I truly wish they could implement a dev post tracker like WHA to help in that regard.

  9. I dont read the VN Boards at all as i get sad reading all the “Mythic you fail” posts and comments

    I love the game at the moment and love how mythic has implamented hot fixs’ each day. I feel that they are trying extremly hard to have a polished game

  10. After working nights and weekends shepherding the game through release, I bet more than a few of them are taking a well deserved vacation.

    I’m sure we’ll hear from them again soon 🙂

  11. Vacation? I doubt it. Something tells me that directly post-launch when people are surging into the game, discovering bugs, filing appeals, and all that mumbo jumbo, Mythic probably isn’t approving too much Dev vacation time. They deserve it, sure. I think it’s more likely that the people we’ve seen commenting so much in the past are probably busy working on the game instead of forum scouting.

  12. I was actually musing this myself yesterday and was about to make a post about it, but needn’t now 🙂

    Josh still twittering a lot, think they’re probably taking a break in general though!

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