Saturday Morning Randomness

October 4, 2008

To the Destruction player on Phoenix Throne who’s named their toon “Hellsvamire”: if you don’t have the space to fully type “vampire”, perhaps that’s a sign from above that what you are attempting to do is an affront to common decency and your fourth grade spelling teacher.

Looks like Mythic’s going to be offering incentive to roll on the underpopulated side sooner rather than later:

3) Introduction of exp. bonuses to people who create toons on population-challenged servers. This is the first of many steps to help keep the populations more balanced. As always, baby steps.

When my engineer uses the Gun Blast ability, I just noticed that it actually forces her to take a step back from the recoil.  Nice animation!

Once you get to the upper levels of a particular scenario tier, you really really really don’t want to leave.  I mean, sure, you’ve done those scenarios hundreds of times already and wouldn’t mind seeing what’s on the next level, but it really is the difference between feeling like a superpowered giant stomping all over Metropolis and being an insignificant bug that perhaps trips up a Chosen for a second while he stampedes right over you.  T3 scenarios at rank 20 are not a heap of fun-monkeys.

Even though she has no interest in the game, per se, my wife reads this blog because, and I quote, “Once in a great while you’re kinda funny.”

Horrors of T’Sneezy sound like angry cats taking a bath when you’re fighting a whole bunch of them at the same time.

There’s nothing more satisfying in this game than finally getting revenge on a player who’s been giving you the beatdown in a scenario, over and over.  For me, the other night it was a Maurauder who was all over me every time I turned around.  I think he was going for the “Syp Slaughterer” title or something.  After my third death to him, I became a single-minded hornet of focused aggression, aimed at his claw-waving butt.  At one point I jumped off a cliff onto his head, and in the end killed him twice.  Ahh.

Trophies don’t seem to be working very well.  I have two and they don’t show up anywhere, even if I move them around or try to work the arrows.  I’ve heard that this is a problem for others, too.  I used to have the dwarf gyrothing on my shoulder, and I temporarily took it off to try a different trophy, and now it won’t go back on.

I miss good Saturday morning cartoons.  I mean, really.  It was the best part of my week, even suffering through the crappy Saved by the Bell that was after all of them!



  1. Syp, you should try out the addon LittleBlackBook that keeps track of who has killed you how many times, and vice versa. Includes a nice “revenge!” notice actross the screen at appropriate moments.

  2. T3 scenarios don’t quite measure up to PG for me. I actually enjoyed PG quite a bit, but find myself cursing and banging the keyboard over Tor Anoc. The knockbacks are just too annoying for me to stomach (then followed by the run back to the battle which inevitably takes a minute and a half or more).

  3. I get the feeling that much of the gear was created before they decided to add trophies, so they just don’t have appropriate hooks to hang them from. For instance, the spikes all over my shoulders, there’s just no place a trophy would work.

    I hope they manage to get as much gear working with them as possible. Me loves me dangling spoon collection (okay it’s just one spoon so far, but I need to find some more).

  4. Whatchu got against Zack Morris Syp???

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