Da Bloody Twenty – October 2

October 2, 2008

Da Bloody Twenty is a weekly countdown of the 20 most interesting, well-written or weirdest Warhammer Online articles and posts… to me.


Welcome to the Community: Warhammer Heads, Save Da Runts!, Cathbadh, Yet Another Warhammer Online Blog, WAAGH Radio, and Swisshammer!


“You Got Some Camelot In My Warhammer” @ Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog – To the moon, Alice! To the moon!


“Mythic, Can You Please Fix…” @ The Greenskin – I’m too lazy to finish my list of “please fix’s”, so here’s a good substitute! (Follow this up with a swig from Nazgum.)


“Mount Gunbad: Mushroom-Crazed Night Goblins” @ Stunty Stomper – Do I like the name of the blog or the article more? I can’t decide!


“The Quick and Dirty Guide to Apothecary” @ Echoes of Nonsense – It’s like mixing different types of soda together.


“Jeff Hickman on Cut Classes” @ MMORPG – He doesn’t “agree” that the cut classes are causing balance issues. I don’t “agree” with him, then.


“What’s the Rush, Guv’nor? A Guide to Slow Leveling” @ Save Da Runt – Slow down, smell the roses, slaughter the roses.


“Making Money in WAR” @ Book of Grudges – RPers like to beg for “alms”. Greenskins beg for “arms”.


“Sometimes Things Aren’t What They Seem” @ Mark Jacobs’ blog – Giving credit where credit is due.


“Bring On The Dogs Of War” @ Fires of WAR – Good question, good solution… unless they’re saving the Dogs for the x-pack!


“So You’ve Decided To Play A Goblin Shaman” @ MMORPG – A decent starting guide for Warhammer’s gobbo healer.


“Sorceress Action Damage Calculator” – Are you a sorceress? Do you like more damage? Then get your glass cannon butt over to this calculator!


“Chaotic Flaw” @ Tome of Knowledge – Poor, poor Maguses. Magi? Whatever.


“Sexism and Swordmasters” @ Book of Grudges – The bathrobes only hide their metal exoskeleton and dual-core plasma rifles.


“Metabalance or The Cool Factor” @ Schizoslayer – A great post and I agree, we tend to play classes that look cooler to us than ones that don’t, no matter what abilities they have.


Game Update 1.01 @ The Herald – Death to bugs!  Kill ’em all!


“Knockbacks Are The Best Thing Ever” @ Word of Shadow – I concur, it’s like a giant pinkie from heaven flicks bad guys all over the place.


“We Are Listening” @ WHA Forums – Good to know, James. Good to know.


“Tome Tactics Guide” @ Money News – A comprehensive list of how to get those adorable little Tome tactics.


GameSpy’s 5/5 Warhammer Review!



  1. One of my favorite weekly roundups! I just started my own blog about my WAR experience at http://www.dwarveninvasion.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks Syp for the mention of my blog!

  3. Thanks for the welcome and the link, Syp.

  4. Hey Syp, thanks for the blog mention =)

  5. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I love your articles!

    Keep up the great work!

  6. […] Second, I want to thank Syp for the shoutout on the Top 20 welcome! […]

  7. Woot! Word of Shadow @ number 4. Cheers Syp. Glad you liked the article 🙂

  8. Thanks for the plug, Syp! Glad I could supply some entertainment for you and your readers! Waaagh!

  9. Glad you found the calculator useful, and the linkage is much appreciated.

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