That’s Hot. (Shut up, Paris.)

September 30, 2008

Due to “popular demand” and perhaps a liberal dose of “common sense”, Mythic has implemented cross-zone scenario queuing.  This is one of those things that you can’t quite understand why it wasn’t in the game at release, other than they had a billion other things to do, or perhaps they were trying to reinforce the notion of you fighting and dying for a particular army.

Whatever the reason, the end result were stymied players who had to go out of their way to queue up for other tier scenarios, either by traveling there in person or hooking up with friends/guildies who were already questing in that zone.  Nobody liked it, but it wasn’t the biggest deal in the world, so we coped.

Well cope no longer, my friends!  Now that we can queue up any or all of our tier’s scenarios, the potential for better populated scenarios is better, and we don’t have to worry about playing a hated scenario just because of where we’re questing.  It’s one of those things that show that Mythic is listening and responding.



  1. YIPPEEEE!!!!

    That will make life better, and make it so you can level via RVRing alot easier (the way I like).

  2. I hope this fixes some issues. Way to go Mythic!

  3. I wonder if this will really spread out the queues, or if it just means that Morkain Temple and Tor Anroc will be flooded a little more.

  4. Woot! Wonder what the most popular scenarios will be now that you can be in any zone.

  5. It’s definitely good news. Am roleplaying tonight or I’d head to test it

  6. You’ve got to give it to Mythic. The game hasn’t been out 3 weeks and they been hotpatch the crap out of this game. Not only to fix bugs and issues but to also make our time in game a little less annoying.

    This is another great sign of things to come, imo….
    Can’t wait to get home and check it out.

  7. I can’t wait to get home, and rock out some scenarios.

  8. Is the next step to fix the quests so that they are not scenario specific?

  9. The cross-zone scenario ability is definately a positive note from yesterday.

    My only fear is that one day they might consider cross-server scenarios. Lord, I hope not!

  10. I tried it last night and everything worked great except…..

    You can queue up while in the main city.

    Although I can see reasons why you wouldnt want to (number of people in one zone, etc).

  11. Now just give us an expected/average wait timer and the ability to queue up to more than 1 at once.

    What’s wrong with cross-server scenarios? I’d be all for it if that meant I could play them with more regularity.

  12. This is a great change, I love it. But I can’t help wondering why they chose to tie what scenarios you can queue for so closely to the zone you are in. Why not tie that to your level? If you are 1-11 you queue for Tier 1, 12 – whatever you queue for Tier 2, etc…

    This makes sense to me, because right now you can’t queue if you are hanging out in your capitol city becasue there aren’t any scenarios in that zone. If they used a level based system then you could queue while in town.

  13. What a great hotpatch. The only sad part is Tor Anroc is still the only scenario anyone plays – it’s a sad affair honestly, the other scenario’s look great, but we’ll never know.

    Maybe if Mythic offered a XP bonus to certain maps, they could draw them to other scenario’s. Something small, like a 5% bump or something to renown on certain weekends.

  14. They chose to tie the scenario’s to the zones, because the scenario’s are themed by the zone. Not gonna see a lot of Dwarves and Orcs running around trying to get Khaine’s favor, are you?

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