Remember When We Were In Beta?

September 30, 2008

Man, time has flown since WAR launched, eh? Perhaps that’s because I’ve had precious little time to really play, but today I blinked and did a double-take when I realized that I’d been playing Head Start + Launch for almost two and a half weeks now. I’ve definitely shifted back into the MMO Play Mode, squeezing in an hour here or there, but I notice that, for as much as I’m enjoying WAR, I’ve been balancing it a bit better than WoW with other things in my life (like this here blog).

Other than keeping up with the bulk of my guild in terms of leveling, I don’t feel any particular rush or pressure to get things done and Right Now. If I want to spend a night PvPing, I do just that. Last night I joined a group of friends and we enjoyed dominating a PQ six or seven times to build up INF and XP (resulting in full bags of loot and a really nice pair of gloves for yours truly).

Right now we are all in a unique phase of the game that’s only going to last for another couple weeks, tops. It’s not just the “new car smell” of Warhammer Online, where you ooh and ahh over vent about some little secret you found or a great drop or some neat aspect of the game you just noticed. It’s also the last time that the majority of the player base will be leveling up together. There will be no more “resets” at this point, and once level 40s become more commonplace than level 1-39s, the game will shift from a leveling expo to the huge playground of endgame goodies (RvR, sieges, T4 scenarios, lairs, dungeons, etc.). After that point, some will stick with just one character from then on, but others (like myself) will begin leveling anew with alts. Not to mention all of the new players that will be constantly entering the game for the first time. Here is where I bet Mythic hopes the level spread will be decently balanced, with enough T1, T2 and T3 players to maintain the PQs and scenarios and open world RvR while T4 players do whatever.

Soon enough, things will calm down and players will gain an ever-increasing bank of knowledge about the game to master it — databases and wikis, secrets and unlocks, theorycrafting and min/maxing. Memes will rise and fall, such as the recent “Banhammer!”-fest. WAR will continue to add its own unique vocabulary to the MMO market. Players will eventually grow a bit restless and start looking for the next content patch, and past that, the first expansion. It’s how these things go.

The wait is over, the rush is here and the future is yet to be written (in the Tome of Knowledge). It’s groovy, man.



  1. Heck yeah man,

    I have only ever had the same experience with a new MMO once before, and it was Dark Age of Camelot. I started playing on day 1 because I was excited that there was finnaly an alternative to Everquest. There was something to take me away from the carebear lifestyle of online gaming and I was pumped. I am having that experience with WAR right now, finnaly getting away from WoW and its fuzzy cotton stuffed clutches.

    As a sidenote about the Banhammer: I noticed last night that we are closing in on 5000 bans for gold farming. I estimated that if each of those accounts are 50 bucks, that Mythic probably already paid for the salaries of the people on the team combating the gold farmers.


  2. I started playing earlier in the private beta and, unfortunately, its getting kind of old for me already. I was *awesome* for a while…

  3. I know just what you mean! Today I was sitting at my desk day dreaming thinking about how much I love new mmo’s because of the “new” feeling to them. So far I am so excited about WAR. I can’t wait till 5 hits and I can go home, put off the dishes, laundry and whatever else doesn’t matter, and play Warhammer!

  4. There is something to be said about getting in on the ground floor with a new MMO. Take WoW for example, I loved that I got to start on launch day before the game was changed so drastically, before battlegrounds and arena, when everyone quested and ran dungeons together. Now to start a level one in that game would be a lonely experience.

    I am afraid that the same is going to happen for WAR. I started over this weekend on a new character and already noticed PQ’s are becoming deserted and the T1 scenarios don’t pop nearly as often as T2. The majority of people who started at launch are in T2 or T3 now and we are seeing the effects of that.
    I’m not so confident this game is going to have a massive surge of new players, I think the audience that WAR caters to is already playing and there will be few converts.

    So for now I’m frantically trying to catch back up to the T2 folks so I can enjoy the battle.

  5. So far so good w/ WAR. I really have a nice balance of playing for a few hours here and there, getting a good nights sleep so I can function at work the next day, and the Lady (hot young thang) is very happy w/ me as well. WoW for some reason was not a good thing for me as it was a huge time sink… Thus far, WAR is just that, WAR. Meaning, you get in, kill as many people as you can, and get out alive if possible. I like that a lot, and w/ me being 31 years young, it fits in my life perfectly right now.

  6. I thought I would be all cool starting with everyone, and what do I do?

    I make alts and fall behind. Not my smartest move

  7. I can’t stop laughing at the picture…easily amused? Yes please.

  8. I love the picture can i ask where you obtained this from?

  9. I have always had the same problem Hudson,

    I still never got to 70 in WoW because I made soo many alts.

    Fortunatly, I think I found my perfect class in this game finally (as did every one else in my guild it seems), and I havnt looked back.

  10. So far WAR has seen moderate play by myself. The first weekend was probably insane though ;). I spent most of the weekend exploring Nordland and the various features.

    While I expect it will eventually become old-hat and I’ll spent a lot of time in PvP, all I really need is a good Guild to run with and I’ll be happy with either PvP or PvE. It’s all fun with friends!

  11. this is on of the greatest things in the game… You don’t hvae any rush to lvl whatsoever. My guild is leveling about the same pace as me and, honesty, I don’t really notice lvling besides when I’m looking for ward to much needed skills (GO snare removal!).

    My guild makes alts with me and we just have a great time, like taking and defending T2 keeps with our huge alliance guild, or spending a couple hours in the sewers of Altdorf :P.

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