A New Hope, A New Banner

September 30, 2008

When I caught wind of aspiring Warhammer Online webcomic artist Greg Moran, I asked him (almost jokingly) if he’d be willing to work up a custom banner for WAAAGH!  To my surprise, he agreed and put himself to task with making what you now see at the head of the site.

I gave him a few suggestions: (1) My Engineer fleeing the Destruction horde, (2) Syp sitting on top of a pile of Destruction heads, picking her teeth, or (3) a chorus line of tap-dancing squigs.  He went with the first, and I have to say that it is a fairly accurate representation of my RvR experience in WAR.

Huge thanks to Greg — make sure you go visit his WAR lore & webcomic blog: Tome of Knowledge!



  1. The chicken is a nice touch. Well, perhaps not from poor Syp’s perspective, but still. 🙂

  2. Great banner. Love the chicken.

  3. OOOH! Chicken thingy! 🙂

    Nice banner. 🙂

  4. That is very nice, great job Greg!

  5. I love it!!!

  6. That is excellent. =)

  7. Run Syp! Throw out the barbed wire!!!

  8. That is an awesome looking banner. The chicken and the “flee” are really what sets it apart.

  9. The Chicken is a very nice touch! That’s good stuff!

    Ulthuan Server
    Exceed Gamers

  10. Nice!

  11. Ohhhh THAT banner. I was waiting for a pic of the in-game one. Ahem.

    I’ll just get me coat.

  12. I love it ! especially the Zealot. Those cursed zealots, with their drunken stance and healing…

  13. Very nice.

  14. Good stuff! Colors have a great feel to it.

  15. Normally wouldn’t post something to say ‘WOW THAT RULZZZZ’

    …But yeah… thats ace! good job.

  16. *envy*

  17. Very nice! What a lucky Syp you are – that Greg is quite a talented little monkey. 🙂

  18. Run Syp run!

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