Brainblurts of Vengeance

September 29, 2008

A couple quick brainblurts:

The other day I was running down the road, checking my magical GPS to see where I turned wrong and ended up in the same depressing swamp that ate up Atreyu’s horse in Neverending Story, when a Runepriest named Egil, running the opposite direction, stopped and called out to me. He recognized me from the blog and tried to tell me as much within the confines of RP (God bless dedicated RPers, it’s not easy all the time). I felt a bit awkward, because I’m not here to break someone’s RP experience, but I don’t know what “blog” in Warhammer would translate into. “Message Stone”? Anyway, he wanted to show off the Tracker set on his Runepriest and I took a screenshot and promised to post it. Here ya go, Egil!

I’m a bit disappointed that here I am, level 18, and I’ve yet to collect more than one trophy for my Engineer. I likes me some trophies, darn it! And then my friend D/V/Moxie made an annoyingly simple suggestion: “Why not go to the other tier 1 zones and do the intro trophy quests from there as well?”

Grrr… why didn’t I think of that?



  1. I didnt even think of that either. Good idea!

  2. I’m looking forward to the Rune Priest tracker set myself. Unfortunately, Egil’s beard is covering quite a bit of it!

  3. Hmm… a blog is basically like a journal, you write the tales of your adventures. However it’s a published work since the public is able to read it, much like Felix Jaeger’s books. So in Warhammer terms, you have a book (or series of books) or a tome of tales maybe. I’d imagine Syp having her own little section of the library in Altdorf.

  4. Hey, you oxies mixed up! That was me!

  5. Haha ya it weird when people start to recognize you for your blog. I’ve had it happen a few time and i feel weird each time.

  6. Yep, it was Doxie, not I. But then again between Doxie, Moxie, and Voxie, that’s an easy mistake to make. 🙂

  7. Lol! I’ve been looking everywhere for trophies and the only place I’ve found them was in those starting zone quests.

  8. Edited to cover all bases.

  9. There are other trophies that you can get a number of ways, but the only ones I’ve used are to kill 1000 of something. I got a “bestial token” when I killed 1000 zombies, several days into the game, and then I went to the library and bought an “antique gyroscope” that I attached to my runemantle. Then, more recently, I was informed that I had killed 1000 servents of chaos and I was offered a fine ribbon to attach to my breast, except that my breast is covered by beer-bedecked hair, and so I put the ribbon on my backside, where there is more room.

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