You Can’t Spell Altdorf Without “Alt”!

September 28, 2008

Warning: this is just a random musing post with little if any pertinent info for you.  It makes great bird cage liner if you print it out, plus it gives Polly something to read.

As a confessed altoholic, I have to all but sit on my hands during the character selection screen, clicking “PLAY” with my nose on the mouse button before I get tempted to roll another character.  I’ve promised myself, over and over, that Syp will ding 40 before I create any alts, and I will stick by that.  Why would I be limiting my play options right now when there are 20 delicious classes (well, minus those stuffy elf ones) to sample from?  Here’s my reasoning:

  1. MMOs that I’ve ended up enjoying and sticking with the longest are the ones where I invest heavily into one main character and get them to the end game before branching out.  Alts have a way of diluting my attention span and interest if handled poorly.
  2. I want to have at least one character that is always available to help, party or RvR with my guild. Having six level 20’s won’t mean squat when my guild sounds the call to help take a T4 fortress.  Once I have a level 40 under my belt, I know that I always have the option to do whatever might be happening that day.
  3. I learn so much from the first character I take all the way through in a MMO, so really Syp is my teacher to help me figure out the game so that when I do start in with alts, I’ll have a much better idea how to handle them and play the game more efficiently (while still dying by the truckload, no doubt).

But that can’t stop me from thinking about Syp Jr., Son of Syp, Sypette, Sypster and Sypperoni, my alts-to-be (names changed to be less derivative).  With the other nine Order classes and a growing feel for how much time and effort it takes to raise one up to the max level, I logically know that I won’t be getting all 10 of them (12 if the other two classes get back in soon) to the max level.  So the order I make alts has to be smart — my only other alternative is to make 9 alts simultaneously and mess around with each of them until I settle on one or two.  But I don’t like that approach much.  More thoughts:

  1. I want to have one alt that is a “team player” in the sense of being needed more by guildies and teammates.  This means either a healer or a tank.  That whittles it down to Ironbreaker (do I want to level up another Dwarf so soon after doing one?), Swordmaster (bleh), Runepriest (interesting, although again with the Dwarf repeats), Warrior Priest (previously bleh, but they are starting to grow on me), or Archmage (uh… no).
  2. I would really like to run through either the Empire or High Elf content from 1-40, since I’ve been saving those zones for that purpose.  This means delaying the creation of another Dwarf alt so soon.
  3. From beta, I was quite partial to the Witch Hunter (who isn’t?) and the White Lion, although both are primary DPS classes and the former is overly populated.

Thus in my mind, Syp #2 looks to be either a Warrior Priest, Witch Hunter or White Lion, and Syp #3 returning to Dwarfland with either a Runepriest or Ironbreaker.  Of course, all this may change in a few months if we see the return of the Empire tank career and the Dwarf melee career — I’d be up for an Empire tank, as long as they make their look on par with the tankage of the Black Orc and Chosen (this means no fluffy plumage from the hats, Mythic — despite what market research may tell you, fluffy feathers do not strike fear into the hearts of our opponents), and if the Dwarf melee class comes back as a Slayer, how could I say no to that?

I also have to consider the amount of time it takes to fully level an alt.  There’s not as much of a rush with them, of course, and subsequent characters are always easier to level since you know more tricks of the game, but it’s a chunk of time to be respected even so.  I have no idea when Syp might hit 40 on my current schedule of 20-ish hours a week of gameplay, but it might not even be until 2009 if I get terribly busy.  It takes two seconds to create a character, but to build them up is an investment of magnitude.

Anyway, brainblurt over.



  1. I’ve been plotting this out as well. I’ve leveled Riley 99% of the time in EvC, saving the elf and dwarf areas for alts. My plan as of right now is alt #1 will be a Rune Priest, with alt #2 an Archmage. Then it’ll be back to human lands with a Bright Wizard.

    Now the hard part is concentrating on Riley exclusively right now with all the awesome classes out there.

    You could always roll a dwarf and take them to the elf lands to quest and level. Seeing new content + killing dark elves + not BEING an elf FTW!

  2. Just like you I’m leveling an engineer, and just like you I really want to make alts. I have to stop myself doing it in nearly every game, and I’m really finding it hard in WAR.

  3. As mentioned, you can take a character at level 1, earn 50 brass, and march them to whichever pairing you want.

    I took my Iron Breaker to EvC lands immediately, just for faster scenario pops.

  4. Ah man, a Slayer.. Would be a really cool concept, but utterly useless in this game. Unless they were going to create them as sortof a “hardcore” class in the same vein as the old Diablo 2 servers, they’d lose their entire purpose the second they died and got resurrected.

    Now make them totally overpowered, require at least 1 lvl 40 on an account to access, draw aggro from a much wider range and actually able to permanently die, and yeah, that’d be fun. You’d have to really keep an eye on your health, and know when a fight’s not worth having in order to play the class effectively.

  5. There is no I in Ironbreaker… ok well thats not the point but you should totally roll one. “Away with ye” lets you use that morale knockback you ranged guys are so fond of every 20 secs and cost very little grudge. Also, if you throw oathfriend on any meleeing passerbys you basically can have someone farm Grudge power for you while you go downstairs and grab a soda. Since the IB has a skill that lets you convert Grudges into AP, you can double your combat endurance effectively by picking effective oathfriends and additionally buff them if you stay within 40 yards.

  6. Syp, Syp, Syp! I can’t disagree with you ENOUGH on the appearance of the Knight of the Blazing Sun! Yes, people want to strike fear into their opponents, but more importantly THEY WANT TO LOOK AWESOME.

    Handlebar mustaches, golden armour, and lovely lovely plumage are AWESOME.


    I rest my case.

    Keep up the otherwise brilliant work. I’ve ran across you Tome Raiders more than once, you’re a good lot. You have several fans in The Older Gamers.


  7. The one problem with this strategy (Oh wait. High, my name is dragon and I am an altaholic) Anyhow, IF you create the alts then when you find coolish stuff for them you can mail the little puppies off. It always hurts to sell a delicious piece of gear for 3 silver when i know a wee cousin would so love to treasure and care for it.

  8. I’ve just switched from my White Lion to a Swordmaster, mainly because the of the problems with pet pathing and range bugs when pets are included in the fight. I fully intend to return to him the moment it’s fixed, but for now it’s just to annoying.

    And as mentioned above, you can take your newbie and run to the nearest flightmaster to quest in another race zone. Did just that with my swordmaster. If I never see another Dark Elf, I’ll die happy.

    Just don’t forget the 50 brass coins for the fare.

  9. Particularly, taking the Ironbreaker and experiencing the Empire lands would be an appreciated option, considering the lack of Empire tanks (for now).

  10. Would it be bad to make and alt named “Alt”? And then get the title “the Peon”

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