Loose Lips Sink Syps

September 26, 2008

A couple days ago I asked y’all to spill your secrets — what little surprises, unlocks, titles and whatnot have you discovered in your initial week or so of exploring Warhammer? After all, this is a game that prides itself on turning the game world into a massive scavenger hunt, where mini-dungeons (lairs) are tucked away and potential Tome treasures reward the diligent explorer. Sure, in a year (or, hey, month) this might all be commonplace, but if you’re anything like me, you’re eager to read about a few good little juicy secrets to add to your character’s achievements.

WAAAGH! readers heeded the call and left the following to share:

  • There’s a pretty neat tome unlock in the Destruction(ftw) area of Troll Country. There’s a bridge with a bridge troll under it. Kill the bridge troll and you unlock a crock of stinky food that you can carry in your pocket. I think the unlock is titled It Takes a Toll, but I could be misremembering. (Risset)
  • In Dark Elf Chapter 2, there’s a hill with some wolves on it. If you walk along the edge of the cliff behind them you’ll unlock The Howler title. (Risset)
  • At Battlefield Objectives, you can click on the Sergeant for buffs. (Werit)
  • Title Unlock: The DawnBringer. Found from clicking on a tomb in Marsh of Madness (NW of an NPC called Lamprecht, he’s located in the SE part of the zone S of Oathhold). (Mitch)
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHH title unlock. Kill yourself 25 times from fall damage. (Mitch)
  • I picked up the title “Doom Bringer” last night, which I think is a pretty cool title. However, I just checked hammerwiki and it looks like it’s already there (although it says it’s a Destruction only title and I’m a runepriest). I was running around some cliffs in Barak Varr when I noticed a huge dwarven iron ship in a bay below. Took me a few minutes to find my way down (without dying) and I found 4 or 5 tome unlocks in and around the ship. One of them being the title and another being a great story of how these dwarven “Pirates” came to be. Was tons of fun. So far I’m loving the easter eggs in this game. (Sc0rp10n)
  • I stumbled upon a plunger in Dwarf Tier 1 Chapter 1 at the bottom of the valley that you cross over after you leave the Dwarf Mountain you start in. (Illian)
  • I’ve found a couple of lairs: 1. Blighted Isle RvR area, right in the middle up north, and 2. just outside the Chaos T1 RvR area, through the tunnel at the back of the objective in the cave. (Thor)
  • Got a title and tome unlock for opening a bag of dog food in Nordland. The tome unlock is for discovering what the hounds eat. The title is related to hounds or hunting (can’t remember exactly what).  The bag was near a camp of huntsmen with hounds. It was along the mountains on the right hand side of the map, north of smuggler’s tunnel entrance to Salzemund. (Leper)
  • I can’t remember the exact area…I believe it was at the top of a hill near the Dark Elf chapter 2 quest hub. You go to this hill a few times to kill shadow warriors and a named Lieutenant or something. Anyways, if you go up past the 3man camp near the named mob, you can hop around a rock to keep climbing the hill. At the very top will be a lone Pink Horror. I had to use my one ranged ability to knock it down from it’s perch, and then I killed it. Not till much later did I realize I had gotten a tome unlock for it, and I was able to get a reward from a Librarian in the Inevitable City. My reward? Morphing Ooze that does nothing but sit in my pocket. Statistically worthless, but I’m proud nonetheless. (Tigaj)
  • I found a few lairs, but one that isn’t listed in the atlas, Gutslime I think it was, in the Orc starting land. But it has a level 40 inside of it. (ScytheNoire)
  • I got the title The Lumberjack from clicking on a dryad corpse in Dark Elf, Tier 1. (JRW)
  • In the Human Ch1 starting area, there is an area with Chaos human mobs, and at the back of it is a tiny portal. You can climb the hill behind this portal and get to an area of the map that is not really done in terms of terrain and stuff. If you go to the coast from there and travel north I believe, you eventually find a lair full of lvl 40 wolves in it. Some cool wolf is at the end I’m sure. (Lucivar)
  • Click on yourself naked 1,000 times and you get “Egomaniac” (Sc0rp10n).
  • On a pool of water east of the PQ “Empire Chapter 4: Pit of the Forsaken”, a Lord type boss will appear if you kill a series of increasingly difficult monsters. (Lord is higher than Hero) (Hirebrand)

Awesome tips, thanks all!  I have a few to add from yesterday’s journeys, which culminated in a group tour around some of the fun little secrets of the Blighted Isle, courtesy of one of our leaders, Tirin.

  • I got the “Denier of Disease” title from clicking on a corpse in Barak Varr at 54231,49971.
  • Another title, “The Crusher”, was give for clicking on an Ogre at 49152,57917 in Barak Varr.
  • If you find the Sea Anvil — a large dwarf ironclad in Barak Varr — be sure to speak to the captain for a “Man” Tome Tactic: 11059,44728.
  • Heading over to the Blighted Isle, you can get the title “The Peculiar” (how cool is that?) by clicking on a rock at 48742,48415, which then squashes a cowering snotling.
  • There are some tainted crystals (with unlocks) and a lair on the BI at 35881,16466.
  • Get the title “The Scorpion Squisher” by killing Bone Claw at 2867,62751.
  • I have coordinates for two of the unlocks mentioned earlier: The Howler (5161,49316) and the Horror/Pocket Ooze guy (20726,35799).

If you know of any others, let us know!



  1. I unlocked the title “The Gourmand” in the Dwarf Chapter 1 area. If you talk to one of the female dwarfs in the bar she’ll give you some squig on a stick, eat it to unlock the title.

  2. When you complete slamader egg quest on the beach in greenskin chp.4, go around the point and see a skeleton,which gives a quick quest. Look up and see a door on the hillside, but it won’t open, gives you a lair find.. Jump down into the water and you will see a cavern with a lev 56 hero in the lair.

  3. Doze tome unlox at da Sea Anvil mus be fer Order only. Cuz I wuz dere las nite en I dint get nuffin. Da captain weren’t too happy to see me neva.

  4. If you go to Ellyrion, Tier 2 Elf area, next to the Shady Tower PQ there’s the Lair of Stinkfang the Vomitous. Ugly lvl 40 Hero troll and his pet lizard. The Lair is in a cave in the water at 53777, 42767.

  5. Mornazh that dwarf ‘Doom Bringer’ unlock is also fo chaos as well, but you have to kill the captain to unlock it. The other one in the sea anvil is the box of cannon balls in the ship.

  6. I know of too many to list… 😉

    This post (and replies) gives me warm fuzzies.

  7. Well you know you COULD post one or two… *polite cof*

    I didn’t get a chance to really write it up, but we had a huge warband for the sole purpose of just going around and exploring for unlocks, and that was just something I’ve never done in a MMO before.

  8. Just outside the High Elf warcamp in Tier 1, I found a rock that you could push to crush a mini-goblin thing (brain won’t let me remember what it was). Got a Tome unlock and a title.

  9. I have one. In Nordland, when you got to the “Murder Wood” to do the quest of the same name, killing Beastmen for their horns, there is a corpse in the northwest behind a tree. Inspect the corpse for the title “The Brute”. I’m the only person I’ve seen with this one so far 🙂

  10. Going into the tomb in Southern Norsca (destro side) grants the title “the Fearless”

  11. Go on, I’ll play!

    By the ch11 dwarf camp there’s a little island in amongst some large stepping stones. On it is a thornberry bush. If you ‘use’ the bush you’ll find a very special mushroom that gives a message that something nearby might like to eat it.

    An orc in the mountains SW of the bush will indeed come running at you as he spots the mushroom in your pack. Kill the greedy bugger and get ‘The Civil’ as a title.

  12. Alright after a few hours of compiling some info I’ve put together a guide for tome tactic unlocks. Also the lists I’ve pulled from have alot of title unlocks, as well as beast tome unlocks so let me know what you think.

  13. […] I’m already nude a day before the race even begins.  Parades through enemy-controlled areas just to get a pocket full of ooze?  Why […]

  14. […] I’m already nude a day before the race even begins.  Parades through enemy-controlled areas just to get a pocket full of ooze?  Why […]

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