A Good Haul.

September 26, 2008

I haven’t been fretting too much about gear in WAR just yet… it’s kind of nice to take things one day at a time without stressing out over what “must have” items I gotta kill myself over. So a combination of PQ influence rewards, quest rewards and random drops have been suiting Syp just fine — but some nights are better than others, and tonight was a doozy.

I don’t know what it was, but the Chapter 9 Dwarf PQ was THE place to be. I did the one just south of the quest hub in Marshes of Madness, taking out zombie-whatevers at a decent clip. Before long, I realized that these guys were just piñatas of joy waiting to be burst open. One of the first mobs I killed dropped a blue White Lion axe, which I saved for a future alt. Then I proceeded to get a nice green helmet (upgrade!), tons of potions, one Warlock Purple dye, and two influence rewards: shoulder and hammer upgrades for level 18 (I’m 17.5).

That’s not the whole fun: I received my very first purple drop since starting WAR: a Slaughterer’s Cape (the link here is to the Destruction version, but mine is statistically identical)! I gave a manly “huzzah!” over vent, followed by “purplepurplepurplepurple!” Strange what a mere color will do to one.

Oh, and today I got about — I kid you not — 15 new titles. It was absolutely insane. I’m Syp the Showoff (insert ironic joke here) for the time being.



  1. “Showoff”? That’s a naked title…and you play a dwarf female… Oh dear, I think I know why the mobs keep dropping gear for you now. They were bribing you to put your clothes back *on*! The blue axe was to get your attention (and shave off the stubble), the potions were actually what the mobs were drinking to try and hold their food down (a la beer goggles), and the cape was purple to ensure you’d wear it to cover yourself up.

    Poor, poor cape. Probably intended for a fair Elfy chick, alas, it must settle for a dwarf. -_^

    Grats on the purple Syp! The only non-pq purple I got was off scavenging and it was a level 1 talisman bug or something off a lvl 5ish mob, so I don’t really even consider it as my first purple drop. I got a lot more killin’ to go >.> Grats again on your first purple, and many more to come I’m sure!

  2. Hey Syp, a title that a lot of Dwarves seem to miss (and yet it is so apt for their race!) is The Gourmand.

    Pay a visit to Kormina Falinsdotr in The Pick and Goggles (located in the Dwarf Prologue area,) and she will give you some tasty squig meat.

    Eat it and viola! 🙂

  3. Purple, bwhahaaha!

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