I is 16

September 25, 2008

Some (like, two people) have asked to see the Tracker armor set, so here goes:

I dyed it brown to go with a leather theme (gee golly willikers, dyes are fun!).  I definitely like the main armor piece a lot better than the corsets/frilly barmaid outfits that I got almost exclusively for the first 12 levels.

Also notice: double-barreled shotgun.  Huzzah!



  1. Nice boomstick!

  2. Rad – working on this for my Engi as well. Got the boots last night! Now, to just kill me some Marauders & Witch Elves 🙂

  3. Nice. 🙂

  4. Did you get your first car yet?

  5. Still ugly. 😛

    I love dying my Black Orc’s armor magenta and yellow. It’s very scary looking. Nothing says scary like a pinkish colored boot to the jibblies.

  6. Have you received the tome unlock the title “the fashionable” yet? When I first got that I was like “sweet!” then uh, mildly embarrassed. 🙂

    I’m playing an engi too, level 21 now – so far I think they have done a great job with the look and feel of the armor for the class.

  7. Are you of the fairer sex in RL as well? Just curious.

  8. Syp is a manly man Slurm!

  9. Thats cool, theres a member of our guild that plays female characters to. Just wanted to get my facts straight before I assumed gender hehe.

  10. You and me both, I hit level 16 on my Engineer last night too, still need to kill a few more witch elves and marauders for the Tracker set.
    Pew Pew

  11. Is that Kathy Bates?

  12. Wow, she DOES bear a resemblance to Kathy Bates. Not that that’s a bad thing, she’d make a great dwarf female.

  13. I can’t believe you chose a Engineer! Why? Because my guild wants to play Order and I chose an Engineer. Guess what? I’m loving it and having so much fun playing it (well that is as soon as I can get back in the game as I’ve been waiting a week for my CE copy to arrive).

    And ya I love my boomstick. My precious. I use the boomstick ability excessively within RVR, playing my Engineer very aggressively, as Chaos seems to enjoy bunching up close together for that Kodak moment with my shotgun. 🙂

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