Wacky Wednesday

September 24, 2008

A few quickies for ya:

  1. I’ve reorganized the blogroll somewhat to provide clearer categories.
  2. We have a new page for you to check out: WAAAGH! Greatest Hits.
  3. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with my posts and comment as such, but name-calling and general rudeness has no place on this blog. This is my blog and it will be a civil one.


  1. When I get bad comments on my blog I write their name on toilet paper and wipe my worries away. I also put them in the spam bucket with the gamblers and porn spammers and wipe one last time.

  2. As usual, Scary makes me spit coffee. That’s like 18 cups you owe me.

    Nice greatest hits! I’m still at the stage where I think I’d better eke out my posts in case I run out of things to say. Then what!?! The world would end.

  3. I so far have had no hecklers. I have however had one guy who runs an “anti-politics” blog with an extremely crude name post to my site, which I saw only once, and promptly vetoed.

  4. RE: #3 – Can has spankings, yes?

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