One Week In: Spill Your Secrets!

September 24, 2008

So it’s just about been a full week since retail launch of WAR, more than enough time for thousands upon thousands of players to comb the game looking for juicy little secrets. And like you, I am completely hungry for them — so why not share?

Have you found any of the plungers of the world? Tome unlocks that reward items? Obscure titles? Lairs?

Then spill, sister (or brother)! Leave a comment with the secret you found and where you found it, and after a couple of days I’ll compile them (attributing you, of course) and re-post them for the rest of the world’s enjoyment.

Of course, you may want to keep those secrets to yourself… I won’t blame you, but would a cookie tempt you to change your mind?



  1. There’s a pretty neat tome unlock in the Destruction(ftw) area of Troll Country. There’s a bridge with a bridge troll under it. Kill the bridge troll and you unlock a crock of stinky food that you can carry in your pocket. I think the unlock is titled It Takes a Toll, but I could be misremembering.

    In Dark Elf Chapter 2, there’s a hill with some wolves on it. If you walk along the edge of the cliff behind them you’ll unlock The Howler title.

  2. Inspector Gadget!

    At Battlefield Objectives, you can click on the Sergeant for buff’s.

  3. I haven’t found too many but here’s some interesting ones I’ve gotten.

    Title Unlock: The DawnBringer
    Found from clicking on a tomb in Marsh of Madness (NW of an NPC called Lamprecht, he’s located in the SE part of the zone S of Oathhold)

    Cloak Unlock – Sprawl of Spring
    Awsome looking cloak of a dryad that has no stats. Can buy it from Altdorf librarian.
    To unlock the cloak you need to kill a mob named Sheen Gloomleaf in Ostland, (NW part of the map by the lake that isn’t attached to the river)

    Locations are probly easier to find if you search for them at wardb.com

    Oh and a funny tome unlock that might match your blog.

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH title unlock. Kill yourself 25 times from fall damage.

  4. I picked up the title “Doom Bringer” last night, which I think is a pretty cool title. However, I just checked hammerwiki and it looks like it’s already there (although it says it’s a Destruction only title and I’m a runepriest). I was running around some cliffs in Barak Varr when I noticed a huge dwarven iron ship in a bay below. Took me a few minutes to find my way down (without dying) and I found 4 or 5 tome unlocks in and around the ship. One of them being the title and another being a great story of how these dwarven “Pirates” came to be. Was tons of fun. So far I’m loving the easter eggs in this game.

  5. I stumbled upon a plunger in Dwarf Tier 1 Chapter 1 at the bottom of the valley that you cross over after you leave the Dwarf Mountain you start in.

  6. I did some quest with my Black Orc and got a severed Dwarf head to carry around. I think it is a CE quest but I have no idea.

  7. I’ve found a couple of lairs:
    1. blighted isle rvr area, right in the middle up north.
    2. just outside the chaos tier 1 rvr area, through the tunnel at the back of the objective in the cave.
    I’ve also been combing the inevitable city and found a strange one, a Blue speckled raven right on the edge of the floating rock with the guild tavern on.
    no plungers yet although i tend to avoid jumping off cliffs on the off chance that one will be waiting for me. 🙂

  8. Got a title and tome unlock for opening a bag of dog food in Nordland. The tome unlock is for discovering what the hounds eat. The title is related to hounds or hunting (can’t remember exactly what).

    The bag was near a camp of huntsmen with hounds. It was along the mountains on the right hand side of the map, north of smuggler’s tunnel entrance to Salzemund.

  9. Have you ever seen this telescope in the Orc starting area. Its on this hill and is really hard to get to…wait…


  10. I can’t remember the exact area…I believe it was at the top of a hill near the Dark Elf chapter 2 quest hub. You go to this hill a few times to kill shadow warriors and a named Lieutenant or something. Anyways, if you go up past the 3man camp near the named mob, you can hop around a rock to keep climbing the hill. At the very top will be a lone Pink Horror. I had to use my one ranged ability to knock it down from it’s perch, and then I killed it. Not till much later did I realize I had gotten a tome unlock for it, and I was able to get a reward from a Librarian in the Inevitable City. My reward? Morphing Ooze that does nothing but sit in my pocket. Statistically worthless, but I’m proud nonetheless.

  11. I came across this on my WP, http://www.wardb.com/npc.aspx?id=5000#drops. An absolutely useless, but fun, trinket (?).

  12. I found a few lairs, but one that isn’t listed in the atlas, Gutslime I think it was, in the Orc starting land. But it has a level 40 inside of it.

    So this got me thinking, if OpenRVR would chicken to go down there at 40, then they can never kill that level 40 in that lair.

    Sucks to be them.

  13. I got the title The Lumberjack from clicking on a dryad corpse in Dark Elf, Tier 1. I’m strapped for time right now but later tonight I’ll give directions/coords.


  14. In the Human Ch1 starting area, there is an area with Chaos human mobs, and at the back of it is a tiny portal. You can climb the hill behind this portal and get to an area of the map that is not really done in terms of terrain and stuff. If you go to the coast from there and travel north I believe, you eventually find a lair full of lvl 40 wolves in it. Some cool wolf is at the end I’m sure.

  15. I have found many ToK unlocks, hidden items and places, etc. I write about most of them sooner or later over at http://www.dabestplan.com/ 🙂

  16. I got a title this morning (sorry, can’t recall what is was exactly) for selecting my character 100 times.

  17. That’d be “Ow My Eye”. You can also click on yourself 100 times while unarmored for the “Self-Centered” title.

  18. “That’d be “Ow My Eye”. You can also click on yourself 100 times while unarmored for the “Self-Centered” title.”

    Do it naked 1,000 times and you get “Egomaniac” which is the title I’m sporting right now.

  19. Bestiary ToK Unlocks (alphabetized & compiled)

    On a pool of water east of the PQ “Empire Chapter 4: Pit of the Forsaken”, a Lord type boss will appear if you kill a series of increasingly difficult monsters. (Lord is higher than Hero)

  20. […] Loose Lips Sink Syps September 26, 2008 A couple days ago I asked y’all to spill your secrets — what little surprises, unlocks, titles and whatnot have you discovered in your initial week […]

  21. Priesterstadt Public Quest

    Destruction, Greenskin, Chapter 13

    Behind the castle in the back there is a secert pass that takes you to 4 statues. Each of these statues has a tomb in front of it you click on and gives you 1000xp. The first is kind hidden(i passed it up the first time.) click the tomb by the road. (O yeah i do remeber a champion coming out from behind the statue too) Its a long path that takes you up the mountain to a Golden statue(which is the last one) The fun part about this is the way down, its more fun to jump off the mountain then to ride back. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance!!!

  22. Dye your armor 25 times to unlock “The Fashionable” Title.

    Go to a capitol city, get naked, and summon your mount to earn the “Lady Godiva” title. (Not sure if it’s female characters only or not.)

    Talk to 100 NPC’s (Or the same one 100 times) to unlock “The Flirt” title.

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