The Tracker

September 23, 2008

Psst!  Hey Order guy!  Yeah, you!  How would you like your wet-behind-the-ears-in-Tier-2 soldier to get a great three-piece set of armor with shiny bonuses?  Hey, hey, don’t walk away, I’ll sweeten the deal.  Tell you what, I’ll throw in an armory Tome unlock… AND a really cool title!  How’s that sound?

Personally, to me, that sounded great.  Once the vanguard of our guild’s levelers were pushing into T2 content, the buzz came back to us T1’s that there was a “must get” suit of armor that wasn’t too hard to obtain, as long as you did your scenarios and had a few friends to help you out with the last part.  The only tricky spot was that it required a bit of traveling across all three T2 pairings and a bit of diligence.  I always like the idea of “assured” gear, as long as I put in the work (probably why I like PQs so much), and last night I finally assembled all three of the pieces to my Tracker armor set.

Although it looks like there’s a counterpart on the Destruction side, it’ll obviously follow a different guide that I’m not going to present today.  For Order folk, however, you might want to think long and hard about getting this set — despite what WARDB lists, there’s a (3) set bonus as well, and the dual set bonuses alone make this a very appealing set.  For my Engineer, it boosted both my ballistics skill and a couple ranks of my Gun Blast.  When completed, it gives you a nice armory unlock, and access to the title “The Tracker” — which is pretty nifty.  Plus, hey, it’s a cool-looking suit of armor and quite possibly one of the first you might obtain in the game!

So how do you go about getting this?  Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to this awesome feat of bravery (much thanks to guildie Doxie for doing the groundwork and putting this guide on our forums):

  1. When you hit about 12, you can begin to obtain your three-piece RvR armor quests.  There is one quest per pairing, so you’ll need to know where your warcamps/flight masters are to help you fly between the zones.
  2. At rank 12, you can get the Empire quest.  Go to the first camp down the road as you pass from Troll Country to Ostland and talk to Stephan Longstein.  It’s a quest to kill 20 Marauder players (not NPCs).  The name of the quest is “Facing Death.” After you kill the players and turn it in, you are asked to kill a level 13 or so hero (bring friends!), and they give you some fine gloves you can wear at level 12.
  3. At 13, you can get the High Elf quest. Go to the first town down the road as you pass from Shadowlands to Ellyrion and talk to Toridrel Goldbeam.  It’s a quest to kill 20 witch elf players (not NPCs). The name is “Into the Flames“. After you kill the players and turn it in, you are asked to kill a level 14 or so Hero, and they give you a fine chestpiece you can wear at level 16.
  4. At 14, you can get the Dwarf quest: Fly to Barak Varr and go south into Marshes of Madness to the northern quest hub and talk to Alaric Grimstone.  Get a quest named “Eye for an Eye,” which asks you to kill 80 players.  When you turn that in you are offered a quest to kill a level 15 or so Hero, and the reward is a fine pair of boots you can wear at 13.

80 players, 20 Marauders and 20 Witch Elves might seem like a tall order, but they come faster than you think, especially if you’re diligent with scenarios.  Remember, you don’t have to SOLO kill them, just be part of the kill.  I think I ran about six or seven scenarios to complete these three quests, and the hero killing took us (apart from being sidetracked) a little under 45 minutes.

Good luck!



  1. Oi,

    is there something like that for destruction?

  2. Sounds awesome! Can someone point me to the Destruction equivalent?

  3. I have no knowledge about the Destruction Tracker set, although it looks to be a 2-piece armor set, not 3.

  4. @Stoph/Sean – Click the link in his post and scroll down to find an equivalent set for each career. Clicking one of the sets will bring you to a page listing ALL sets for that career.

    I am so “shooting” for the Squig sets! Thanks Syp! 🙂

  5. Have a screen shot of that set?

  6. I will take a screenshot once I hit 16 — I can’t wear the chestpiece until then.

  7. I believe there is a tracker set for Destruction. I remember getting a quest in the Marshes of Madness in the town north of the warcamp with the flight path.

    I think you had to go kill some stuff in the Marshes RvR lake, then come back and get the boots as a reward. They were part of a 3 piece set.

    I didn’t do the quest however, and just flew to ostland to get more quests.

  8. Pretty sure this is bugged on the destruction side. There is a quest like this in the Chaos T2 warcamp to kill 25 players in the Stone Troll Crossing scenario except it doesnt count any players you kill.

    There is a T2 obliterators set available though. I’ll let you guys find out how that is obtained though.

  9. the destruction set starts with the boots, the quest “‘ead ‘unta” given in marshes of madness to kill 20 ironbreakers, followed by a hero (can’t remember the level). You can pick up the second quest in either shadowlands or ellyrion, can’t remember which. You must kill 20 ironbreakers, and the hero. The third one is picked up in talabecland and you need to kill 20 bright wizards, followed by the hero.

    3 pieces of armor in the set piece, wardb must not have it submitted yet.

  10. Looks like I know what my Engi will be working on tonight! Thankfully I had already started the “Kill 80 players” quest!

  11. I’m going to try and get this set, but I’m still looking for all the quests on the Destruction side.

    I already got the following:

    Ellyrion (Dark Elf Tier 2), Brokenblade camp, Tarond Frostrage NPC:
    Bladed Whispers (16): Kill 20 Swordmasters

    Marshes of Madness (Greenskin Tier 2), Bonerender’s Bash camp, Drekka Goblobba NPC:
    ‘Ead ‘Unta (14): Kill 20 Ironbreakers

    The last quest, to kill 80 players, or 20 Bright Wizards, whichever it is, I did not manage to find. If anyone have more precise directions, it would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Gear stats, pfft. Stylin’ and PROfilin’, however…

    Must get. Thanks for reminding me of these things I don’t usually care about. Guess I should get out of T1!

  13. According to wardb, the boots can be worn at rank 14 not 13.

  14. […] Syp gives a great rundown on how to get the tracker title and armour set that we’ve all been talking about in guild chat this week. It’s a set of PvP quests that you can pick up in your teens. You do need to tag a player to have the kill counted, which is very annoying for healers. […]

  15. […] WAAAGH! has a nice article on “The Tracker” armor sets in WAR and how to get them. You can see the set stats for the White Lion on WARdb. I’m working on this set now, but am having trouble killing enough Witch Elves! Cowards keep hiding behind tanks… […]

  16. As Kemver I’m still looking fot the last quest in Empire/Chaos warzone (Destruction Side).

    If anyone has a clue… Thanks !

  17. Anyone knows of any similar quest sets in other tier zones?

  18. The quests for destruction (that I’ve found)

    Orc chapter 6–20 ironbreakers
    DE chapter 8–20 swordmasters
    Chaos chaper 12–20 brightwizards
    DE chapter 12–20 archmages

    You will NOT get the trackers set by doing these quests. I have finished all of the above and killed the hero’s and I haven’t gotten the full trackers set.

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