WAAAGH! is no more!

September 22, 2008

Just kidding! But according to very long-time reader ScytheNoire, he’d like to see the title of my blog changed (e-mail edited for length, but not for the general gist of it):

The blog is called Waaagh!, which, last I checked, is the reference phrase associated with the Greenskin Orc’s. Yet, you have chosen to play a Dwarven Engineer, which goes against everything Waaagh! stands for. Not only that, but a rather unattractive female Dwarf, although I am not sure there are any attractive one’s out there. You didn’t even pick a Human or High Elf, which at least not the most hated enemies of the Greenskins. No, you picked the one race that goes directly against the entire meaning of Waaagh!

So I hearby request you change the name of your blog, or change the character you play to a Greenskin, preferably an Orc. Comprises can be met if you would like to play a Choppa, but are waiting for their return. You could play another Destruction race in the mean time.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to some changes at your blog,


Again, I can’t understand the female dwarf hate out there… you people must really buy into the tall-thin-beautiful stereotype of our media culture. Honestly? Give me the choice between a stout dwarf lass with curves and a tall, willowy elf-thing with more elbows and angles than a M.C. Escher painting, and I’m going to kick your standard of beauty off a very tall cliff and settle down to a life of happiness with a woman who knows the value of a good ale.

With all due respect to Scythe, who’s been a regular patron at WAAAGH! since it began last spring, the name of this blog isn’t going anywhere. First of all, I’m not losing my Google page ranking, thankyouverymuch, which (as of this morning) tops Google searches for the word “waaagh” and regularly vies for the top two spots with The Greenskin for “warhammer online blog” searches.

To me, WAAAGH! isn’t just a Destruction/Greenskin word, but a catchphrase for all of Warhammer Online. It’s become synonymous with the product, and when I originally chose it, it wasn’t because I had my heart set on playing a Greenskin or anything like that. It’s because WAAAGH! = Warhammer in my mind, and that was good enough for me.

If anyone feels like I’m “betraying” the nature of WAAAGH! by playing a dirty little dwarf, oh well. It’s one of many ways I’ll have let people down this week, and I will have to duct tape myself to a pole to keep from leaping off a tower (for the Tome unlock, you understand). Order is where my friends landed, and where I found the awesome little insane bunch of <Tome Raiders> to join. No regrets here.

But if it makes you feel any better, I do have ten character names reserved on the Destruction side of Ostermark, with a rank 3 Black Orc who will one day receive a lot of attention. Right now, I’m concentrating on just one character to hit the max rank, and then I’ll branch out from there.



  1. Recall that Games Workshop was very strict with what was and was not allowed in the game per the IP. If it’s in the game, it means Games Workshop said “Yes, that is fitting and suitable for the Warhammer IP.” If you disagree with that, you should have spent more time reading forums and blogs before release. ❀

    Based on my premise, I assert that waaagh.wordpress.com is appropriately named, and here is how you can see why:

    1. Roll a female dwarf engineer (though it also worked for my wafer-thin femal elvish archmage).
    2. Log in.
    3. Enter “/waaagh” (no quotes) into the chatbox and hit enter/return.

    Your character will shout “Waaagh!”.

    It’s not just for Greenskins anymore. ❀

  2. On behalf of the Order faction of Ostermark, let me just say: bring it on.

    Thanks for your time.

  3. I don’t know what people are talking about when they say that dwarf females are ugly and unattractive. They are cute as a button, and I would say they would be rather… “fun” after hours, as opposed to the prim, prudish elves and the nervous, too-serious humans.


    Anyways, I see Dwarfen Syp saying “WAAAGH!” as a mockery of the orcs.

  4. Your dorf is much cuter then any greenskin I’ve encountered…so a greenskin calling a dorf ugly is like the pot calling the kettle black, but I digress.

    You should have just replied to the email as follows:

    “In reply to the above me: No to all proposed compromises – /waaagh!”

  5. That should have said:

    “In reply to the above email: No to all proposed compromises – /waaagh!”

    However, I can’t spell/type today.

  6. The emailer you received is both right and wrong, IMO.

    I’ll admit that I was a bit confused by the blog title at first, expecting to see something related to greenskins. For those of us steeped in Warhammer Fantasy tabletop (note how I have to use that word) fluff “Waaagh” is synonymous with greenskins (you won’t see it anywhere but in the greenskin army book and there it is featured prominently). This is like the Book of Grudges being related to dwarves and the Flames of Asuryan related to high elves, etc…I will also admit that I did cringe a bit when in the new video (now the intro to the game) the chaos players shouts what sounds like, “Waaagh!”

    But, that is the tabletop game and while the online game closely adheres to the source, some things are obviously going to be different or will be used differently. “Waaagh” is a perfect example as it is a word that is absolutely identifiable AS Warhammer, it’s unique, primal, and exciting, and simple, which is why WAR has done what they have with it.

    I am sure that many of these paradigm shifts will be coming about as WAR is played and blogged more. In the end I’ve got no issues with it.

  7. Oh, and when I am talking about the Book of Grudges or Flames of Asuryan I am referring to their source material, not blogs that may have similar names.

  8. Yeah, group me with the readers that have always been confused about why your blog was named a greenskin term, but you don’t play one.

    I didn’t realize the term was universal now, either.

    How about stunty.wordpress.com? πŸ˜€

  9. I had a cute little dwarf chick engineer in beta called “Pippie” that I liked. I just couldn’t get use to people calling me by that name. “Hey Pippie, do you want to…?”

  10. You should change it!

    That way I can dominate teh Googlez! Muahahah!

  11. I like the name. It makes me happy. πŸ™‚

  12. Hopefully you realize it was just in good fun and not serious.

    Well, maybe the part about playing an Orc. Seriously, Black Orc’s rule! Can’t wait for the Choppa.

  13. I love my dwarfy Rune Priest! Female dwarfs rock!

  14. Well, i play order. With my girlfriend together. Here my / her comments to the design of the characters: http://ao-lai.blog.de/2008/09/22/mark-maedels-4763873

    It seems as if we have all the same problem. Who likes greenskins? πŸ™‚

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