Say buh?

September 22, 2008

So last night I’ve grouped up with some guildies for T2 scenarios, and in between I’m knocking off the last of my Marshes of Madness PvE quests. La de da, I have one to go to a certain area, kill some Skaven to get ore, and there we go. So I head to the area, which turns out to be in the middle of a PQ. No problem; I’ve already maxed out the influence in this PQ chapter, so I just looked for my six mobs to kill and move on.

I get a message from Mr. X (name changed to protect my faulty memory), inviting me to join the PQ group there. Nice of him, but naw, I’m just here to do my quest and leave. Decline invitation.

He sends me a tell: “Accept to join our group.” Another invite. I decline.

Mr. X gets a bit riled up: “Stop being a leech and join our group already!” Another invite. I squint and read that statement to my guild over vent, where it is met with guffaws of disbelief.

I send him a note: “I’m only here to do a quest, and I’m already in a group. But thanks for the name calling.”


Mr. X invites me to join the group.

I use my /ignore function for the very first time in WAR. Four more idiots, and I get a Tome unlock! Whee!

Seriously, people, head’s up — I don’t have to join your group if I don’t want to. If I’m solo killing mobs in a PQ, then that’s my choice and I’m okay with the influence rate. Long term, it doesn’t matter whether I’m in your group or not; I’m not “leeching” your influence, I’m just getting my own. I don’t mind grouping, but I’m not going to be guilted, bullied or prodded into it if I’m feeling a bit han solo that night. Remember kids: peer pressure isn’t just for the real world, but online ones as well!



  1. It’s nicely much more rare that somebody in a PQ/Scenario says “U GAIZ ALL SUCK, IM A JERK, GET USED TO IT” than it was in a WoW Raid/Battleground, but there’s something else different about it as well, at least for me.

    It feels out-of-place in WAR. I understand that there are sports teams where that’s a way of life, but soldiers in the same unit don’t tell each other they suck when they are getting shot at. You may banter, even in the midst of combat, but that’s not what these people are doing. My hope is that the way the community responds to them (with ignore lists and broken alliances) will somehow educate them.

    Ok, I know…they’ll never learn. Call me a dreamer. But I’m glad the ignore function is an unbounded list. ❤

  2. Yeah, people are really weird about PQ groups- I think it’s partially because the whole contribution/influence gain in solo or party mode is such a black box.

    Right now, I’ve heard rumors that you get more influence solo, you don’t get influence for people that you heal that aren’t in your group, and that overhealing counts for contribution; none of these are true, in my experience.

    Most of the time PQs are great, and it’s really awesome that I can level “solo” in this game as a healer. As a healer, I do feel that it is more advantageous for us to be in PQs than dpsers, as it is very difficult to heal people not in our group or warband, and that’s our main source of contribution/influence. However at the same time, it’s obviously asinine to force the issue. Many times people are doing pqs while waiting for scenarios to pop, and don’t want to be in a party.

  3. Ah so someone clarified this for me on the forums.

    You get “contribution” for healing people outside of your party/warband. You only get influence for kills made by your party/warband.

  4. This is probably too complex to understand for these types of individuals, but a person with full influence still takes a share of the influence in a group. In your case, by being out of the group, each person was getting INF / # in group influence per kill or collection or whatever. By adding you, they’d get INF / (# in group + 1). So if the group size was 4 and influence was 100, they’d get 25 per kill. By adding you, they’d get 20 per kill, and since you’re not getting any, they actually lost influence.

  5. I would have done the same thing. I agree with thade that that type of attitude does not fit WAR. I personally have not found anyone like that and I hope I don’t (it seems inevitable). But I think endgame they will learn the hard way…I hope. But for now /ignore ftw!

  6. I had a similar thing happen to me in a T2 PQ last night. Unfortunate, really.

  7. Must say I hadn’t heard of people thinking that someone who isn’t grouped is leaching influence. In fact, generally one hears the opposite -people who don’t want to group with those who are not participating in the PQ because it divides the influence. Someone who is standing on the sidelines afk will still get influence from the group but since you weren’t grouped you had no way of leeching their influence.

  8. I can’t believe people are bitching about stealing influence. It seems so easy to get it, even if it’s not in abundance.

  9. Well WaR will be a lonely place for these anti-social people. I cannot see you having much fun solo which you could get away with in WoW. Every person you annoy/**** off is going to come back and bite you later.

  10. I always find influence a strange beast at the best of times. I’ve filled up half my influence bar, soloed 50/100 of the mobs and then helped finish the rest and then tanked the rest of it and still come 12th on the influence meter.

    My friend however went AFK at the start of a fight in a warband at one particular PQ and missed out on a blue bag when he came second on influence and then rolled top whilst AFK.

  11. I’m still waiting on my pre-order from amazon to arrive grrrr I can’t wait to join yall playing!

  12. Some people just can not help from acting like a boss. Eventually they will upset enough people, 1/4 fourth of the population will have them on ignore or they will become guild leaders.

    The random roll on PQ are a good idea, it helps melee have a chance at top prize. It can be hard if there are alot of nukers around tabbing everything down before a melee can run to it.

  13. @pooks, You do get a sizeable amount of influence from just being there when the PQ switches stages, or is completed. I actually won a loot bag from the chapter 3 PQ in the greenskin area just because I happened to be running along the road when it switched from stage I to II.

    About 5 minutes later I got notified that I had won a white loot bag. I couldn’t be bothered to go back and collect it.

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