September 20, 2008

As I close out the week with a happy crash to desktop (CTD) and a 24-minute queue to log back in (seriously, Mythic, there needs to be a Syp Exception… bring that up at your next meeting), it’s a good time as any to spill thoughts, deep insights and random brainblurts from my excursions in Warhammer Online.

In no particular order:

  • I got a new gun at level 12, and was delighted that the sound it made when firing was distinctly different than my previous gun. Maybe I’m having an auditory hallucination, but I’d love to hear more of that kind of stuff in the game!
  • I’m still getting some pretty bad lag/hitching, mostly when I’m running flatout through a zone, or sometimes in scenarios (Mourkain Temple was simply unplayable tonight). Since my computer is doing fine and my connection is solid, I’m looking for ways to make this better. Defrag is an option that one person said, and I’ve read about a few people who have uninstalled the client that updated from beta and reinstalled from the box discs and said that worked great. Anybody do this? Results?
  • Crafting… absolutely takes over bag space. I’m doing salvaging and talisman making, which is slow as Snafzg’s comic updates. It’s definitely not an easy path to level up, but I’m hacking away at it. A guildie said she leveled salavaging up quickly by buying cheap renown rewards (green ones) over and over again, then salvaging them for the goodies. Come to think of it, I’m in Tier 2, and I haven’t seen a renown vendor for ages now.
  • Dyes are simply awesome. I remember how set against dyes WoW’s devs were even way back in year one of the game, and how much I wished they’d change their mind. Well, too bad for them, but goodie for me. It’s so nice to be able to have a matching set of armor, no matter what I pick up. And I rarely spend money on dyes, preferring to wait for dye drops or quest reward dyes.
  • It’s easy to overlook Morale abilities at first. You get your first one at, I think, rank 8, and since the bar sits in the lower right corner, it just never caught my eye when I’d build up enough morale to use a rank 1 ability. I moved the bar to the middle of the screen above my hotbars, and it’s been a world of difference. I’ve very much enjoyed using Point Blank to plink bad guys off cliffs and watch them die all bewildered-like. Hehe… bye bye Orcy!
  • Tier 2 sees the first of the competitive PQs, where Order and Destruction race to fill their objectives first, with the winning side getting the boss mob or somesuch. Adds some different flavor to it all, but unfortunately, if you’re going for influence rewards alone, it’s still better to solo grind an empty PQ in its first stage.
  • A small detail I’ve noticed around Altdorf and elsewhere are these little red wax seals on a house with a strip of paper hanging off of them. I asked around, and somebody told me that they’re “party seals”, a kind of recognition reward by the Empire for loyal subjects who have helped the Empire out in some way. Cool!
  • I wrote down the word “quests” on my pad, but I don’t know what I was going to talk about there. Perhaps quests. It’s kind of vague.
  • Finally, today we’ve been seeing popups like the one up at the top there, telling us about another gold farmer/spammer who Mythic’s busted. It’s very morale-uplifting to see those and know that action is indeed being taken. Huzzah!
  • Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the Collector’s Edition heads look like, Ten Ton Hammer has you covered. Seems like they’re not quite as many as we’d expected, but still… daisies!


  1. The tier 2 renown vendor is inside the Keep. You have to captrure it to unlock him πŸ™‚

  2. isn’t there a T1 competitive quest in the dwarf/greenskin area? i can’t remember what it was called, but i distinctly remember it in beta since it turned into one big pvp/pve event.

  3. In tier 2 and up you find the renown merchants in the keeps. Also the top renown merchant is in your capital city. For altdorf he is in the market square.

  4. Tier 2 keep and on the 3rd floor. πŸ˜›

  5. I went ahead and uninstalled the beta files and installed the files from disc. I don’t know if it’s the patches or what but I feel I’ve been getting fewer crashes and things are a bit smoother.

  6. haha they are Purity seals (not Party seals lol) actually they are blessed (prob by warrior priests) and are supposed to ward off chaos etc. they are also often seen on Warrior Priests armour.

  7. Things have been smoother since installing the retail copy. Though I never had any CTD problems with the beta, perhaps I’m just lucky?

    Also the first competitive PQ for Dwarves / Greenskins is Kron Komar Gap in Mount Bloodhorn. Though I don’t know you guys both, we steamroll you stunties every time! πŸ˜›

  8. Thanks for the hint on the uninstall of the beta, mine keeps crashing out and then I have to queue for another 20 minutes to get back in 😦 .

  9. I uninstalled the Beta this weekend and reinstalled from the retail DVDs. I honestly haven’t noticed an improvement, though.

  10. The reinstall makes a difference. I liked ‘party seals’. Woohoo, it’s a party1 Set the heretics on fire and dance around them!

  11. Does the buying, and salvaging of reknown gear work? It seems like the level 9, and above reknown gear can’t be salvaged at all. It doesn’t give a message, just has no action done when I try to salvage it. I’ve just been buying cheap stuff from the auction house in Altdorf to get my skill up, but even with that my Talisman skill is only at 10.

  12. I don’t understand why the solution to spammers involves spamming us with dialog boxes… Maybe I’m just grumpy.

    It just bothers me that it is not easy to report or ignore spammers. I can’t click on their name, so I have to actually type out their name, which is usually something facerolled. Reporting them requires filling out a gm ticket in some complicated click-through form and is hardly worth the effort. I just can’t believe mythic didn’t foresee this problem at launch.

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