Good Credit

September 19, 2008

It may be a very complication situation, as Mark said, but I and others are relieved to see that the grace period for entering in the game registration card for pre-orders has been extended until Monday the 22nd (for customers of four companies).  The unexpected and sudden “bumping up” of the account registration deadline, coupled with what folks saw as a dismissive tone in the announcement, was a fumbled piece of customer service — happily, this puts it back into the plus side of CS and PR.  It’s also good to hear that the EA Store is handing out free Prima guides and atlases to customers who are still waiting for their orders to arrive.

This follows the two fundamental rules of customer service in my book:

  1. Deliver the product or service to the customer the right way, with the highest quality and quickest time possible.
  2. Barring that, bend over backwards to make things right and regain the customer’s loyalty.

We’re pretty quick to get critical of EA and Mythic, so we should be equally quick to be complimentary of them as well.  The worst solution to these situations would be to ignore the customers and proceed blind and deaf, and I’m glad to see Mythic tries hard not to do that (which was why yesterday’s announcement was such a shocker).  Hopefully this helps people out!



  1. It makes me very happy to hear that they do in fact keep us informed and bend over backwards when they screw up… more then I can say for other companies. You gotta wonder though, if it will keep up if this games popularity takes off.

  2. And if you didn’t buy from those select companies and still don’t have it *raises hand* you’re screwed until it shows up.

    It’s upsetting I can’t actually play a game I’ve already paid for.

  3. They have screwed up this launch. It’s a mess. It’s a shame too, because the game is a lot of fun. But outside the game, it’s been a disaster. Worst launch I can remember, ever, outside of the game. Mythic and EA has really screwed up this whole pre-order thing and shipping the game on time. This isn’t some surprise, they knew this day was coming, and all games should have been shipped to customers back on Monday of this week, not after the launch.

    Just an epic failure on EA’s part for distribution, and a failure on Mythic’s part for lying and going back on what they previously said.

  4. It would be nice, if they bent over backwards. But they didn’t. They left us screwed. Instead of extending all headstart till the 22nd (which is in their power) they shut down my account because I happened to order from Best Buy and not from EA Store. That is beyond epic fail, I just essentially got told that by ordering in advance, they can have my money for months before they deliver, and then not care when they don’t deliver.

    Screw you Mythic.

  5. They have completely forgotten about anyone who isn’t in America still. Due to timezone differences our release date was technically Friday the 19th to level out with Americas 18th. This meant that anyone getting it sent to them had it mailed on a Friday with no chance of it getting to them until Monday.

    So many friends have missed out completely due to this oversight and to rub it in they make it right for some and not others… That’s not good customer service its just cruel.

  6. You couldn’t have played very many online games then if this is the worst launch you’ve participated in.
    Everquest:Shadows of Luclin anyone?
    Anarchy Online?
    World of Warcraft? (yep, was a bad launch)

    While I sympathise with those that are still awaiting their preorders – if you couldn’t spring for next day shipping then you would have been better off just preordering from your local shop.

    Not EA’s fault some folks chose normal shipping options.

  7. Only thing that bothers me is that they require you not only to buy the game to play it…but then to give them a credit card number or time card number which is obviously another 30 bucks out. Why is there never an option for “just imput my game registration number and let me play NOW and worry about my game expiring in a month”? I had to go BACK out to Best Buy and spend another 30 bucks just to access the game I bought for 50. The heck, I can’t access it unless I add MORE money to it?

    Sure I was going to anyway, but it’s a pain in the arse to trek back and forth like that. I mention this now because I cannot access the game until I just put all the codes in, even though I thought they DID agree to let people play till the 22nd…bah. Minor annoyance, game still great, just a slight bother to me, and hardly the worst launch ever.

  8. It should be noted that if you wade through the VERY long threads about the delay, the stores that didn’t get the extension are the same stores that handed out OB codes like crazy in their brick and mortar shops and had employees selling them on eBay. This was a major cause of the influx of people who canceled their orders as soon as they input the codes. It’s unfortunate that real players got caught up in the mess, but it’s the stores’ fault for not keeping a tighter reign on things.

  9. To Emceebee: First, if you wanted to get into the beta, preview weekend, or head start, you had to preorder from the vendors listed by Mythic. No orption to “just preorder for your local shop”.

    Second, Mythic stated you did not have to pay more for special shipping, because they were offering a grace period.

    Third, Mythic reneged on the grace period on the friday of the opening weekend, AFTER many games had shipped. Thus, many people were shut out of the first weekend of the game.

    Fourth, The “bending over backwards” that Mythic did was to simply honor what they originally said they would do in the first place, for some on the players. Not all the players. Some.

    ToGobsmacked: Yes, it is unfortunate that “real” players got caught up in the mess. That is why people got so pissed. And while it my have been a system that was abused by some brick and mortar store employess, it was Mythics system. And Mythics decsison to go back on a documented promise, knowing full well it would harm some of thier customers.

    It was not the vendors that canceled the grace period with very little warning. It was Mythic.

    And it both the players and the vendors who got to look at the barn and see “All players are equal”, with “But some players are more equal” in fresh paint.

  10. I’m still waiting on my CE copy. It’s been a week. Do I blame Mythic? No. Well maybe a tiny bit. Mainly I blame EA and their craptastic distribution of the game. My retailer didn’t get their copies from EA until AFTER the launch date (the Sunday) then they have to ship them to me (from the East coast to me on the West coast). Be nice if Mythic dumped EA in the future.

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