I Think I’m A Clone Now

September 18, 2008

With several high population servers out there coming out of the head start, Mythic wants to alleviate some of the strain and make room for newbies coming in today. It’s unique solution is to clone the entire contents of one server to another, making a mirror duplicate that they’ll hope players and entire guilds move to:

We will be cloning 5 servers in order to improve player experiencing on servers with high populations.

The five selected servers will be brought down for maintenance and a copy will be made of the current existing data, including characters, items, guilds, the auction house, and more. These copies will be loaded onto brand new servers.

Once the copies are made the two servers are entirely separate, if you choose to play on the new server any achievements earned there will not carry over to the previous server and vice versa. You will always be able to return to your character on either server at any time.

My Order server, Phoenix Throne, is one of the five servers cloned, and as of right now, Syp and my guild exists in identical states in two locations. Frankly, it’s kind of a creepy thought. Obviously, nobody’s going to now play both characters and manage both identical guilds, so it’s either “stay or leave”. Most people will stay, I think, unless they are fearful of possible queues or have suffered from long queue times.

But it makes for interesting morning discussion, that’s for sure.



  1. I think its a great move on Mythic’s part. The main reason a lot of players and guilds are not willing to up and move despite the bad queues is many of them have already commited significant amounts of time to the characters already there and in the case of the CE they paid extra for the chance to put in that early investment.

    Now people can move and not feel like they wasted their headstart. I’m just wondering how much the population of these servers and their clones will fluxuate over the next few days as some people try the clone server, mabey don’t like it and go back, or hear that the queues on the original are gone and decide to go back.

  2. What is this madness!?!

  3. Duping just as fast as we can
    Holdin on to one anothers land
    Tryin to queue away into the night
    And then you put your arms around me
    And we tumble to the ground
    And then you say

    I think you’re a clone now
    There doesnt seem to be anyone around
    I think you’re a clone now
    The beating of our hearts is the only sound
    (well that and the screams of our enemies and the lamentations of their wimmen)

  4. Wow Syp. That’s wacky. I’m surprised and maybe impressed to see Mythic moving so quickly and early in to release to address high population issues.

    It’s a good sign though that they really thought about what issues they might face and ways to address them.

  5. I think its a good idea on their part.

  6. Definitely a good move on their part. It’s a smooth enough idea I think they almost might have…planned…for it?

  7. Yeah different idea from mythic, I think more ingenious then just allowing transfers.

    this post conjures the image of Shatner in the Star Trek movie the one where he is imprisoned on the Klingon prison planet, and the doppleganger take his form, and says, “You just kissed yourself, bet it was the biggest thrill of your life”

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