Christmas in September!

September 17, 2008

No, I’m not just referring to tomorrow’s big launch, but that today I finally picked up a product I pre-ordered back in March. Today, joy of joys, the Warhammer Online Collector’s Edition arrived at my local Gamestop.

I’m quite pleased they simply had it shipped and available the day before release — most game stores ship on Tuesdays, so WAR’s Thursday launch works out in this regard. It wasn’t any fuss, I just popped in and claimed it (with the clerk actually asking me, “Oh, hey, do you play World of Warcraft?” and me looking at my CE and going “Not any longer), along with a bundled Prima strat guide and atlas. Okay, I know I ridicule strategy guides and the people who buy them, and I’m a total hypocrite in this regard, but I’m so excited about WAR that I wanted to spoil myself a little extra. Plus, hey, I write a blog. Might be good to have extra info to pass along.

The first thing I noticed about the CE box is that this mother is HEAVY. That coupled with the two books threatened to rip right through the heavy-duty plastic bag Gamestop gave me. It’s a gorgeous box of dark red and black and brown, and the inner part slides out like a giant (dare I say?) tome.

Here I go. Opening it for the first time.

Mmm… I love the smell of freshly-minted CEs. Smells like… victory.

The first two items are the hardbacked graphic novel and The Art of Warhammer Online. Pretty. Shiny.

Velvet-like holding box underneath.

My Grumlok and Gazbag figurine is weighty as well… aww, the hand and axe broke off the orc! Pfft. I wasn’t going to use it anyway, but that kind of sucks.Ā  (Oh, it’s supposed to be that way.)

Then the game box itself, along with the product registration code. I hope that doubles as the CE items/heads/quests code.

Even though there’s more in game goodies, the four items in the box seem a bit underwhelming in terms of numbers of Things in here, but the two books really do look awesome. Going to very much enjoy flipping through them while I’m on the pot or something.



  1. I was on Best buy’s web site and they are showing some stores are all ready selling the game in and around Toronto, Canada. I talked to an employee on the phone who confirmed it. He said there was no realse date on the games so he put them out.

  2. I too love the smell! When I tore off the plastic and even when I slid out the “tome” section, I just kept thinking of how good this thing smelled.

    Then I looked through every page of the art book and started reading the comic. I’ll need to whip out my old hobby stuffs to get Grumlok locked and ready (aka glued together and based)

  3. Good day!

    I recently read a ton of information about the game through massively and your blog was recommended as a place to go for information on Warhammer.

    That said, I was wondering, since you’ve pretty much played all the classes, what class you would recommend for someone who used to play a HUnter in WoW predominantly.

    I was hoping to find a lag-friendly class that either excelled in soaking up damage, or avoiding it entirely. I live in the Philippines, you see. While it might be easy to play the game with superfast connections, I don’t always have that luxury due to how the internet connections work in the Philippines. šŸ™‚

    Anyway, your comments (or perhaps an analysis of the friendliest class for slow connections) would be much appreciated. šŸ™‚

  4. The absolute main reason I pre-ordered the CE was for the Grumlok mini! I would say It is close to best Orc mini Games Workshop has produced.

    Also, lol at you (and others) think it was broken šŸ™‚
    By the way, they didn’t forget to paint it either šŸ™‚
    Mythic and GW should had thought about including a little “Guide to Games Workshop” in the pack to, maybe with a short guide to assembling and painting Grumlok. Would have been good cross promotion for those people that aren’ty fully aware of what GW is about.

  5. Glad you got yours. EA is busy screwing around all of it’s orders, with none shipping. This means all of Canada just got screwed over. Really sucks. So even their own distributor and publisher can’t get it right. A lot of pissed off people.

  6. Hey,

    I just got my CE box, so shiny and big! Love your blog man

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