The Nuts ‘n Bolts of Head Start

September 15, 2008

I have so much to talk about — you know, makeup and hairstyle and boys — that I was planning to make one mega-post, but I think common sense prevailed and I decided to save a really cool event from last night until a bit later today.

With a 12-hour work day over and my wife tucked into bed, I -finally- got to log in and start having a bit of WAR fun. There was no question as to the choice of my first class, and I rolled an Engineer for the first time since my very first day of closed beta. My, how times have changed in a couple short months. It was difficult to make an *attractive* dwarf female, or at least one that didn’t make your skin crawl in revulsion (seriously, Mythic, some of those facial options are like nightmares become reality), but I settled with a close-cropped redhead with delusions of grandeur. Trust me, that’s one of the character creation options.

Once logged in, it was quite obvious that everyone was frantically trying to gobble up all of the content in Warhammer Online during the first day. Loads of scenarios and world RvR and moaning and celebrating and whatnot. I stuck true to my internal promise to take my time and actually absorb the game — that meant exploring, reading quest and Tome texts, and stopping to appreciate the view. I also joined up with <Tome Raiders> by minute three in the game, and was relieved that they were a wacky sort of welcoming people, including an Australian who (and this is true) has had a kangaroo thrown in his face. It was a stuffed toy thrown by his daughter, but still… that’s the measure of a hardcore guildie, right there.

I waddled over to the mailbox (dwarfs waddle, it’s just how it is) and got my goodies: a Validated title, a Shaper of the World title (closed beta tester title), my portable camp (a campfire… darn, I was hoping for a pup tent), and the arm band that comes with the pre-order.  Syp then waddled to and fro various quest-givers, reading the text, enjoying the combat, and marveling that the game just seemed so much better now.

I started a project that I’ve always wanted to do in MMOs, which is to take a screenshot of my character after every level (rank) dinged.  Syp hit rank 4 last night — I really wasn’t pushing it, obviously — and I ended up with four new screenies as a result:

In the last picture, my level 4 ding, you can see I got an outfit that kindly accentuates a part of Syp’s anatomy that probably qualifies as a character of its own.  Yes, Syp has large… tracts of land.

I was excited to get an Engineer trophy, but I learned (and I hadn’t known this before) that since trophies attach to certain parts of your armor, if you don’t have that armor piece you can’t wear the trophy.  My trophy was for a shoulder piece, but obviously I’m not quite there yet.

I don’t know if you feel this way, but my friend agreed with me — yesterday felt like we were playing a completely different game, in the best possible way.  Whereas previously our characters were disposable and we just didn’t bother with a lot of content because, you know, wipes, now we were marveling in even the smallest details, delighting in gearing up our newbie neophytes, and swapping tales of victory and defeat over guild vent.  This great joy was compounded by the fact that the game even seemed to run a LOT smoother — far less hitching, although I did get a bit running flat-out in big open areas.

I won’t bore you with the mundane details of the dwarf beginning zone — you’ve either been there or read that, and it was what it was.  Yet it was just exciting, and as 11:00pm rolled around, I briefly thought about logging off when one of our guildies called us into action.

But that, my friends, is a story for another time.  Like, this afternoon.



  1. I had the same trophy issue with my engineer… need some shoulder armor 🙂

  2. Sexy Syp 😉

  3. Moar stunties fer stompin!

  4. Just a random note, but I noticed there was a last name vendor at the castle in Altdorf. Don’t know what the mechanics are for it since I only found it the last night of Open beta, but could be worth checkin out 🙂 Just watch out for those wobbly barrels if ur passin through the docks…

  5. i realised from beta that shoulders are hard to come by at the beginning so i chose the marauder belt trophy… Yeah, even with a belt on the trophy wouldn’t show up 😦

  6. Great post! I loved the screenshot idea. I think I’ll do it, too. 😀

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