In Response To Blizzard:

September 15, 2008

Hey, I know you’re all jittery about WAR coming out and wooing 4-year-vet players like me to its folds, but the desperation is starting to smell awfully strong. When you’re all but jumping up and down on Warhammer’s launch week going “Our expansion launches in two months! Hey! HEY!”, it’s like the little kid who goes to his friend’s birthday party and then gets in a snit that the presents aren’t for him.

Sure, it’s business, and sometimes a very cut-throat industry. But there is such a thing as tact and grace, and we’re not seeing it from you lately.

In vent tonight, our guildies were comparing how many level 70’s in WoW they had. 2. 3. Even 5. Dozens upon dozens of alts. Does anyone regret leaving them behind to start anew in WAR? Any plans to go back to those orphaned toons? Not a one. Sorry, but we’re just having too much fun. It’s not just the newness of a game, which is always a whirlwind experience, but that we can see that WAR’s entire game, including the end game, offers far more variety of experiences than WoW’s e-sports/hardcore raiding philosophy does.

WAR’s a good game. We’re having a blast, and we can’t wait for everyone else to get in. 1.5 million copies of WAR are being shipped to retail shelves (though that doesn’t guarantee sales, of course) — does that give you pause, Blizz? It should. Mythic might be acting all “aw shucks” humble about its chances, but they are preparing for success. If you’re one of the players starting up this week, and you are enjoying the living snot out of the game yet reviewers or bloggers or sites are out to make you feel bad that you’re liking something that’s obviously “not revolutionary” or “just a WoW clone” or whatever tired phrases they drag out, you have full permission to ignore them. Ignore me, if you’re having too much of a good time playing to stop and read a nattering little blog. Just play, rave to your friends if Warhammer is worthy of it, and be confident in your decision.

This is our week, Blizzard. So bug off.


The Voice of WAAAGH!



  1. Amen.

    Or more colloquially.

    F’n A.

  2. Great post!

    “Does anyone regret leaving them behind to start anew in WoW” – I think you mean WAR here, right?

  3. The offical Wrath of the Lich King release date is actually a god send for Mythic, in my opinion. Lets see:

    * 18 September – WAR releases
    * 18 October – WAR’s free month expires so everyone won’t want to spend a month not playing an MMO so will buy at least another month (or 3 or 6). Potential 1.5 Million x $15 = Bloody huge starting intake!
    * 13 November – WotLK released. WAR’s definate challenge time.

  4. Funny how WoW was criticized for being a clone itself when it launched. However, Syp, don’t worry we won’t stop reading! this is always the last site of the night for me right after I log off WAR!

  5. Amen sista!

    Only reading your blog because the servers just went down… no offense of course. ❤

  6. Awesome post.

    One error: “Does anyone regret leaving them behind to start anew in WoW?”
    I think you meant to say WAR, not WoW.

    And I agree, I could care less about WoW any more, or ever again. It would have to be rebuilt from the ground up and started over to match the fun of WAR. I don’t see that happening.

  7. it is no surpise that blizz has announced the exp is coming out soon. we all knew it was coming and tbh blizz is not that dumb to realise that war may take a chunck of its player base. Some players will return and other won’t.

    Competition is what is needed to make these games better.

    To blizz i say this, you lost a customer in me. i may be one customer in the bucket…but there is a hole in thar bucket dear blizz. (bty i owned 5 accounts. i hope my small drop in the bucket adds to the ripple)

    why did i leave wow for war? Australian servers…plain and simple. a company saw that aussie players were calling out…no wait screaming out for local servers. also war is something new and fresh, when something more shiney comes along i am sure i will take a intrest

    rant off.

  8. Yeah, I’m not very impressed with Blizzard’s class here. It’ll serve them right if Mythic responds by launching a major patch in early Nov.

  9. Pffft.

  10. Haha you guys are right… I start flinging around those acronyms and before you know it, I’m WoWARing everything wrong.

  11. I’ve only played WOW for like 5 days total but after 5 days of WAR, I was hooked. The graphics of WOW 3 years ago was a tough pill to swallow plus the time sink of grinding and raiding has lost appeal to me after games like EQ2. I could see WAR potentially taking over the largest MMO subscriber base from WOW in year or two.

  12. We knew it was coming… although I do think that it shows just how much Blizz is aware of WAR. I hesistate to say that they’re scared. They’ll always have their fanboys, but they do have to be considering that their older, more independent, and PvP-centric players will be migrating over to WAR.

    And when those players see how fun it is, they will stay. 😉

  13. I thought this quote:
    “In vent tonight, our guildies were comparing how many level 70’s in WoW they had. 2. 3. Even 5. Dozens upon dozens of alts. Does anyone regret leaving them behind to start anew in WAR? Any plans to go back to those orphaned toons? Not a one.”

    Was very interesting. Time will tell if this is true of many other MMOers out there and it will be interesting to see how things pan out over the next couple months. Will WOTLK hurt Warhammer big time (which it very well could), will it make a tiny impact, or will it make no impact at all. The next 5 months or so will be great to watch and learn from.

  14. Love this post, great capture of a community feel I’ve seen. I was invited the weekend before CE headstart to the beta for WotLK. I haven’t even put the code to use, my account hasn’t been active for months (funny how the email said you had to be active as of August something).

    Nice attempt Blizz but it fell on deaf ears. I still love the company and the product but your loosing credibility with each press release to me. God help you if you compromised that Blizz swagger with launching when it’s done to push this out, the backlash could hurt.

  15. I can enthusiastically say that yes, they are worried. They were months ago. That is all I can say. 🙂

    Truth is, a lot of folks I know ARE ready to move on from WoW, but there will be plenty who don’t find fun in WAR’s PvP and actually prefer the PvE raids in WoW.

    The more variety, the better though.

  16. I was playing last night and actually laughing. I was having that much fun. I rolled a guy on your server just so I could say hey, and after having absolutely no interest in humans for months I found that you can HAVE AN EYE PATCH. I instantly made a wrinkled, tanned old pirate named Tipps, and made him a witch hunter since my main is a DoK and I didn’t want to make a character with the same mechanic.

    The witch hunter was ridiculously fun. Why? One word – GUN. As soon as I got level 2 I got a finishing move where I level my pistol directly at my opponents face and pull the trigger. The sheer brutality of his confident motion made me laugh out loud after just about every kill I made. I felt like the coolest guy on the planet.

    I don’t remember the last time WoW was so enjoyable I was laughing.

    (Also had a lot of fun on my DoK in scenarios and doing the wackiest quest ever in the Inevitable City. I got experience robbing orcs!)

  17. Blizz isn’t scared.

    They are worried though. Even if WAR fails totally they will have lost millions in sub fees.

    If it succeeds its going to drain their sub fees, and provide a viable home for burnouts, which means less will quite WoW, then come back in a week cause they need their MMO jones.

    Just having a viable competitor is going to burst the balloon they have going.

  18. I think Blizzard may have made some strategic mistakes, and they do sound a little desperate at times, but honestly I don’t think they have much to worry about.

    Sure, they may lose a few hundren thousand jaded players to The-WAR prior to WotLK, but many will be back once that expansions hits, and there’s always the untold millions of non-players ready to be sucked into one of the most accessible and successful MMO’s in existence. There’s room for more than one success.

  19. I’m still playing wow (3 accounts)
    Fable2 when it hits

    I find it funny how people are all up on the bash wow wagon..

    ever thought that there are people that play both WoW and W:AR.. will continue to play both and ~gasp~ maybe even buy another game!!??

    I dont know maybe its just me but all this sounds like the Nintendo/SEGA fanboi BS

  20. Yo Syp!

    All right, so I’m still playing WoW. Most of that has to do with my computer. A lot more of it has to do with the people I play with aren’t going anywhere (though we do miss you, you magnificent bastard!)

    I’m not ready to leave that. I’m not ready to leave the friendships that I have accumulated through the 2 1/2 years playing WoW. Sadly, even if I do get a new pc (which might be soon, huzzah!) I doubt I can afford to play 2 MMO’s, so, because of the friendships I have created, I will probably stick with WoW at that point as well.

    But maybe someday Syp.. someday 🙂

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