Cloak of Darkness

September 15, 2008

Usually on a launch day of a MMO — and I’ve done enough of these to know — it’s a lot of mass chaos as people run around trying to accomplish everything and mostly looking out for themselves. It’s what I expected yesterday, so I hunkered down to get Syp through the intro zone content.

Then, toward the end of the evening, one of our guildies named Doxie called us into action. She was going to go somewhere to get something and we were all invited. Confused and insecure about leaving the safe confines of my precious tier 1 zone, I nevertheless realized that this was our first guild event in-game, spontaneously organized, but an event still the same. So I, Moxie and about 15 other guildies created a warband in Nordland for a trek into the heart of darkness.

The goal was this: there was a named mob deep into the Destruction side of Ostland (tier 2, I believe) that, if killed, would grant its owner a magical cloak. Well, not magical, per se, but really neat looking. And as a freshly-minted level 4 dwarf, I can’t turn down a good fashion accessory.

With our crazed Runepriest leading the way (“Don’t turn there! That’s certain death! Don’t touch that pole — it’s certain death! Don’t get flagged for RvR, it’s certain pie! After pie, however, DEATH! etc.”), we trolloped along like a ragtag caravan of refugees looking for a hippie commune that would take such a motley assortment in. Our group even included two nudists, an elf and a highly disturbing dwarf male wearing the skimpiest briefs that the game engine could render. Often, we would avert our camera just to retain sanity:

It was a long trek, hampered by lowbies getting unwanted aggro, people leaving the tour to sample Willy Wonka’s chocolate goodies, and a long sludge through a river that was shaped, as a guildie helpfully supplied, “all penis-like”.

Finally we found the mob: a dryad named Sheen Gloomleaf. Because each of the three groups needed to be in on the kill to get the Tome unlock, Sheen had to die three times, often with a very bewildered expression. “Hey guys! I’m back from the dea-URKKK!” Yet as promised, once killed, we were rewarded with a special Tome unlock that promised our coveted cloaks.

Then it was off through a RvR zone (nobody attacked us, probably in fear of contracting some unsavory disease) and to a flight master, to Altdorf and the library. In it, we found a librarian who gave us the cloak for free — since we had that certain Tome unlock. It was a really neat way for Mythic to create a collection-style system that will probably keep players hunting through all sorts of zones for those item unlocks that offer unique gear to set you apart from the crowd.

Here’s the cloak on me:

And then we gathered as a group to celebrate our very first guild event, taking pictures from the front AND back:

Awesome. Easily the best launch day I’ve ever had.



  1. Thats pretty badass.

    I think that my only complaint is that the characters look pastel colored sometimes, mostly when they get targeted. Maybe its just me, but it kind takes me out of the world when something looks like its just put in it. Not that any of that has to do with the cape.

  2. Good times! I ended up with the best-looking level-8-at-end-of-launch-day character that I’ve ever had. Mad props to Doxie and crew for organizing our adventure.

    And I think the correct term was “dangly-penis”.

  3. So, I don’t suppose there’s any chance at all you tell us where that mob is? 🙂

  4. I’ve seen Tome Raiders in Lotro actually.. funny cuz I think their name fits WAR better 😉

  5. Why didn’t you form a warband and only kill the mob once?

  6. What? No server crashes? No hackers? Farmers? Acts of god? And you actually had fun? Damn, there goes about half of WoW’s fanboy predictions…

    Grats on the tome unlock, cloak, and successful guild event! How difficult was the mob? Did it require all three groups to gang up on it?

  7. @ Maed – It’s central-west Ostland, by the mountains and a house. Burning trees. I don’t know, I haven’t been there before last night.

    @ Ardwulf – For the Tome unlock to happen, the group within the warband that tagged the mob was the only group that got the unlock. So we had to rotate our groups.

    @ Enric – The mob was easy peasy. A couple of level 10’s took it out just fine.

  8. This was, without a doubt, the absolute coolest opening day for an MMO ever. Never had so much fun.

  9. Hi,

    That sounds like a pretty nice guild. Any contact info you might be able to pass along on possible joining up with them. I am leaveing WoW to play WAR, but my WoW guild is not so Im going to be guildless.

    Kolmer (currently of Kirin Tor 70 druid)

  10. heh opps I found the web site. Will post to them once I get home. (have to register to my home e-mail account with work blocks, so can’t post till I get home). Hope to join you tomorrow (no CE, just normal pre-order version).

  11. OK, which librarian do you talk to. I’ve talked to 5 of them and can’t find the cloak anywhere. Yes, I have the tome unlock, found the dryad about an hour ago.

  12. That does look pretty bad ass.

  13. Sounds awesome. Still not home, so still not played much.

  14. @ Lalkin – on the second floor… forget the name

  15. Found it. that is a sweet cloak!

  16. […] Love this little guild story and example of how the Tome totally kicks ass by Syp on Waaagh! Check it out. You’ll soon be sporting a fancy new […]

  17. […] that allows you to buy said cape. This idea me and a couple of friends shamelessly robbed from Waaagh!. Smexy cape can be seen below. The only drawback so far is the number of people messaging me to ask […]

  18. Hey nice this led me to the cape. I see you guys around a lot in game, and i’m wondering if you are recruiting??

    In game name is Labek, 16 Witch Hunter. Let me know!

  19. Hey ive been lookin for the dryad but i cant find her…

    if anyone can give me the co-ordinates id be grateful.

    Oh and Moxie if you can , can u invite me into ur guild? id be even more grateful.

    My Name is Marfenion lvl 15 shadow warrior and im in ostland.

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