Quick Thought…

September 14, 2008

Does anyone else feel a tinge of sadness for the end of our “waiting”?  Reading all these blog posts and talking to friends who are all dividing themselves up between servers kind of feels like the end of college, with people heading in all sorts of different directions, whereas before that they were all lumped in the same boat.



  1. I think that’s a natural reaction. Our (if somewhat tenuous and rabid) community of beta testers is being dispursed amongst a larger population.

    Diluted, if you will.

    I’m certainly not suggesting that we, as beta testers, possess a more profound appreciation for the game than someone who picks up a copy at Target next month…

    I just think we’re more feral in our appreciation. And that breeds a distinct sense of community.

  2. yeah it does seem kind of sad. Snafzg and Keen going Destruction while you go Order :P. You picked the better side, anyways.

    I’m still not positive what server I’ll be playing on Tuesday, what about you? And what will your main be?

  3. Dis uman we captured axed me ta rite dis afor we chopped im,

    “Definitely. I’ve been part of a software development team and software release has a huge range of emotions associated with it. Happiness, fear and some sadness. Once the product is complete the team loses a lot of it’s focus. I can be a real struggle to … aaargh!”

    Well e dint aktuely say ‘aaargh!’ I jes added dat fur efect.

  4. I could see how it could feel that way, but we should be excited to jump in the game and have even more to talk about, share our experiences and stories with others, etc. These are exciting times!

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