A Shoutout To My Wife

September 14, 2008

I’m taking a five minute break from an absolute pile of must-get-done’s that are taking over my desk. You don’t think youth pastors have much in terms of paperwork, but we do, and lots of it. It takes a surprising amount of administration and organization to put on handful of 2-hour programs during the week.

Anyway, even being in a fairly good mood today, a part of me has been grouching and moping. Mythic couldn’t open the servers this morning when I could actually log on and reserve my characters. Snafzg looks like his guild is actually rolling on the Destruction side of the same server my Order guild is rolling. I won’t be able to play until late tonight, mope mope mope.

It’s all small beans, really. Just that it is a kick of irony that on the very day that Warhammer launches for the head start program, I have one of my 12-hour days of work.

So — and I truly mean this — God bless my wife who, even though she considers my gaming hobby and blogging to be sometimes silly, happily volunteered to navigate through the login process and reserve a few of my most-wanted names for me. Babe? You’re the only waaagh for me.

P.S. – After reading a couple of other grouchy posts, perhaps I’m glad after all not to be playing today. What, did anyone actually think they were going to be able to log on during launch? Pfft.


One comment

  1. Awww, that’s what marriage is all about 🙂 Me and Arb got our long suffering husbands to reserve some names for us too.

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