Human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together…

September 13, 2008

Mass hysteria!

Okay, perhaps not, but if you feel a mite bit uncertain on the eve of Warhammer Online’s head start launch, rest assured, you’re not alone.

For perhaps the sixth time — minor hyperbole, children — Mythic’s changed the launch server list and rollout. You’d do well to get over to Mark’s post on the new NEW version of all of this. The long and the short of it is that they’re increasing the starter list of CE HS servers to 15, with plans to roll out more servers as the population cap is reached (which, in and of itself, is variable depending on the day), then add a fresh batch of virgin HS servers for Tuesday’s SE launch. From their end, it’s the most stable, structured way to meet the demands of a horde of incoming players, but from the end of many players, it’s unnerving.

Unnerving because guilds are now entering into a total crapshoot on whether or not they declare a server from the ordained list for Sunday (so the guild’s CE members can get in, and perhaps start the guild up), whether they wait until later Sunday or Monday to see what other servers join the fray, or hold off entirely until Tuesday. I don’t think anyone’s worried about accidentally landing on a server that lacks a sufficient population to make PvP interesting (unless you’re gunning for an Open RP server… those lovable freaks), but there is worry of planting roots on a server that will have an incredibly high server pop resulting in queues and a temporary cutoff switch for Order or Destruction until the sides balance.

For some folks, they’re going to take next week with a huge pinch of flexible salt, see how it goes, and hope that their guild gets settled by Thursday. Maybe you’re even unaffiliated, in which case your only worry is to figure out which of the four rulesets you want to go with, and click the “okay” button.

But I wouldn’t underestimate that this all has ratcheted up the tension of huge chunks of individuals, as well as for many guilds, for the following reasons:

  1. The sooner players know what servers they’re going to be rolling on, they can reserve their names. Name reservation, as petty as it might sound to some, is highly important to several players.
  2. The sooner a guild knows what server they’re going to choose, they can start getting the word out to their guildies — who will be “on hold” from logging in until they hear the official word from their GMs and officers.
  3. Guilds that get in on Sunday and started up quickly have a field advantage. They can grab their guild name (unlikely that another guild might snag it, but the possibility is there), start pushing up in the ranks, get organized in game, and reach rank 9 (I believe) that lets the guild reserve their custom heraldry — which, once reserved, no other guild on the server may select.
  4. Let us also not forget that guilds need a minimum of six people in game to start a guild, along with 50 silver, that all has to be trucked over to the capital city. This represents at least an hour or two of work to make it happen, in the middle of the chaos that is a MMO launch.

It’s not my desire to whip up the firestorm of controversy over what will, in most likeliness, be settled and a non-issue by this time next week. I just feel a bit for guild leaders that are trying their best to put their affairs in order so that their guildies have a safe home away from home, in game.

P.S. – GOA makes amends. Is it enough? Let’s hope so — and hope for a smooth launch!

P.P.S. – So much for reserving names tomorrow morning — WAR’s CE HS time is now 1pm EST.



  1. 1pm???!!!

    Well that’s going to create a huge f**kin’ mess now. Instead of early risers getting in to play, they are going to have a damn mess and the head start is going to be some pathetic joke.

    Mythic has f**ked up all of this pre-launch stuff, from GOA, to codes, to CE orders… it’s been one giant clusterf**k.

  2. I’m extremely disappointed about the AU CE headstart servers.

    There’s not a single GM that doesn’t have a CE, so all but a few of the pre-game guilds will be rolling on the two core servers announced.

  3. I am guessing that this isn’t an issue, but just to make absolutely sure, the game client for open beta is the same client used for the live head start, correct? From everything that I can tell I just need to keep patching my current client, but I would rather find out tonight than at 1:00 PM tomorrow.

  4. not to mention the fact that the new time for Australia is now 3am monday morning AEST. All the date/time changes on the headstart has caused a lot of issues for our guild members that took time off work etc for the head start and the late change meant people that there were people that slept into midday for a big night of gaming.

    Not a big thing in the whole scheme of things (we will always be thankful for Aussie servers at all) but it certainly has pissed off a lot of fans.

  5. So has Syp decided what server(s) he’s going to roll on tomorrow?


  6. @ Braz – Yes, it’s the same client, Mythic has said this many times, so don’t worry!

    @ JRW – I think so, at least for Order. I’ll announce it later on.

  7. My personal opinion is by catering to the CE owners and giving them two additional days of a head start is creating this fiasco. All the complaining that people are doing most likely would of been avoided if they A) Had more then 60K CE’s to sell. or B) Head Starts are the same day for everyone.

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