A Place To Call Home

September 12, 2008

If you missed it yesterday — and with 50 blogs posting the same list, how could you? — Mythic released the initial server list for Warhammer Online (as well as GOA’s EU server list). Good stuff, standard stuff — you’ve got your Core servers, your Open servers, RP servers (which are basically Core with more people telling you to talk in character in general chat), and Open RP servers (which are basically people getting ganked mid-sentence while telling you to talk in character in general chat).

It’s interesting to note that the names seem much changed from the beta server names, so if your guild had planned on a certain server before yesterday, you may want to take another look at things.

In any case, guilds right now are huddling to plan their next move. Do they pick a server now, which most definitely will be completely full by the end of next week, so they can get it up and running on Sunday? Do they play “the waiting game” (which, according to Homer, sucks) and hold off until lower pop servers are launched mid- or late-week and then get in on the ground floor then?

For many people, myself included, this is a time of great uncertainty. There’s a lot standing between us and enjoying the game while secure in the knowledge that everything’s gone just right. There’s what guild you join, where the guild wants to call home, picking up the box copy of your game (or getting it in the mail) on time, putting in the right codes into your account manager, the stability of the game on the head start and launch days, getting out of the crowded newbie zone with your sanity intact, getting the guild in-game up and running, and getting all your guildies signed up. To say it’s a bit hectic is to say that Martha Stewart is a bit anal-retentive.

So as much as I’m incredibly excited about Sunday, now more than ever the notion of launching into WAR gives me a stomach full of snotlings. That came out grosser than I’d hoped. I’m not exactly sure what the next week will entail, but I’ll be on the front lines, dying for a cause that probably has to do with elves.

Seriously, we’d have world peace RIGHT NOW if it wasn’t for those smarmy Vulcans.



  1. It seems that they are planning on releasing the CE servers, then more on SE head-start, then a batch on the regular start date. Now, where does that leave the CE people? How many SE/Regular people are going to roll on a server that is 4 days/2 days old when they have brand new servers.

    I just hope they do it right and the CE, and then SE servers don’t become ghost towns as people reroll…

  2. >> To say it’s a bit hectic is to say that Martha Stewart is a bit anal-compulsive.

    Just out of curiosity, don’t you mean “anal-retentive”? Unless you mean she indulges the practice of sodomy. 🙂

  3. Haha… you’re right!

  4. lol “you’re right” but he didn’t change it…implying that “you’re right[, she’s into sodomy]”.

    This post made me laugh because I thought to myself “What a silly decision; I wonder who’s responsible for that line of thinking” when I read Snafg’z post…only to come here and see that you hung the sucka out to dry. lol I can only hope being outted as a bonehead on the frontlines of Warhammer blogging will shake some sense into the GM in question.

    I wonder…Is the GM a pre-order? Or is he picking the game up off the shelf on release day?

  5. I took the paragraph out… it was a bit of sour grapes, and didn’t have a place on this blog.

  6. I’m sorry if that was my fault; I didn’t mean at all to nudge you into censorship. I support what you said.

  7. No no, I felt a bit off putting it in. I’m under a lot of stress this week and feeling a bit more negative than usual, so…

  8. what server did you decide on syp?

  9. None yet. A few things are up in the air, like they just don’t care. Hopefully I’ll at least know one of my homes by tomorrow.

  10. Honestly, Syp, I would like to roll my Destruction alt on your serv; you seem like a stand-up guy. I bet I’m not the only one who thinks so. Keep us posted. 😉

    I’ll post my server choice (for Order) prob within 30 hours.

  11. I’m also still undecided, and so are a lot of friends.

    I’m leaning towards Monolith, mostly due to the shortish name and not much else, but if friends decide to roll elsewhere, then that’s where I’ll be going.

  12. I’m rolling with a guild I’ve been in since UO. If your 18 and don’t know that abbreviation, look it up. I have been following Syp, Keen, and Snafgz (spelling is over rated) for a long time now. When you guys are set I’ll make a character there but in the mean time I’m rolling with LEGION.

  13. During the closed beta I played on Blood Keep, and di so with a friend during preview weekend. we were planning on rolling there again in the open beta but we were already playing before they put Blood Keep back up. And now the server is nowhere to be found!

    I’m thinking of going with Drifting Castle. All the while I’m playing WAR, I can imagine my character’s world is all really within a fun and magic castle. Possibly in a bubble, at an eerie dance with David Bowie.

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