Warhammer is to Warcraft as:

September 10, 2008

How would you finish this sentence?Β  “Warhammer is to Warcraft as:

Led Zepplin is to the Beatles”

Lord of the Rings is to Dungeons & Dragons”

Sunglasses is to a monocle”



  1. Funny, I was just having this conversation with a co-worker unfamiliar with WAR.

    I finally settled upon “Aliens is to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” – both ultimately deal with many of the same elements (space, aliens, corporations, powerful weaponry, etc. etc. ), but handle them in entirely different manners. Not necessarily better, just different.

    Hope you keep up the good work on this blog through release. Many of your articles have been insightful and your notes on guilds were lifesavers for me.

  2. Scotch is to a Fruit Smoothie
    A Rush is to a Grind
    A Combat Helmet is to a Hockey Helmet
    A Grenade is to a Firecracker
    Coffee is to a Frappachino

  3. I think the lord of the rings and d&d should be turned around. Dungeons & Dragons took alot of inspiration from LOTR. Lord of the rings was published in 1954 and 1955 while D&D original edition is from 1974.

  4. I wish I could take credit for this one but the most appropriate analogy has to be from Rick at /random.


    Warhammer is to Warcraft as DAoC was to EQ.

  5. Maggots are to a carcass?

    Chicken is to chicken-flavored tofu subsitute?

    Apples are to oranges?

  6. Warhammer is to Warcraft as: a battle axe is to a woodsman’s axe.

    Similar in theory and process, but one is made for WAR!!

  7. @ Alvanal – No, I have it right. Warcraft derived its source material from Warhammer, as D&D did from LOTRO. So it’s [original source] is to [inspired product] as [original source] is to [inspired product].

  8. I’ll honestly be happy if the end of the phrase is “As the Prince is to the King.” I think the folks at WAR would be satisfied with that as well. WOW isn’t going to topple anytime soon, but it will grow older… and the young get stronger (Doors ref). πŸ™‚

  9. A blind man is to a sighted one?

  10. Warhammer is to warcraft as: the greenskin is to waaagh!

    Just teasing πŸ™‚

  11. Filet Mignon is to a McDonald’s Hamburger

  12. Warhammer is to Warcraft as: potato is to potato

    potato potato
    tomato tomato
    lets call the whole thing off.

    You got your warhammer in my warcraft..
    no you got your warcraft in my warhammer!!!

    @syp.. nope i think Alvanal is right

    “Warhammer is to Warcraft as: Lord of the Rings is to Dungeons & Dragons”

    using your argument “So it’s [original source] is to [inspired product] as [original source] is to [inspired product].”

    that would imply that War (os) is to WoW(ip) as Lotr(os) is to DnD (ip)

    so you do need to switch um .. πŸ˜›

    and for that matter..

    Warhammer is to Warcraft as: WoW is to W:AR


  13. The Wiggles are to Blue’s Clues

  14. What? You just proved my point.

    Warhammer is the source that Warcraft primarily drew upon to create their franchise.

    LOTR is the source that D&D primarily drew upon to create their game.

    So, yes, Warhammer is to Warcraft as LOTR is to D&D.

  15. ooooh you ment like Tolkien’s LotR not LotRO


  16. Egg is to Chicken..
    Chicken is to Egg..

    boo there needs to be an edit.. forgot to add this

  17. …recovery is to surgery.
    …Corona is to Miller High Life.
    …a seaside Japanese sushi bar is to grocery-store sushi.
    …a deep-tissue massage is to five minutes in the ring with Muhammad Ali.
    …a great first date is to a really harsh shutdown.
    …a Flawless Victory is to a Ring Out.
    …Diablo 2 is to Diablo 3. (HA! Take THAT, Bliztard!)
    …Lord of the Rings is to Harry Potter.
    …Tori Amos is to Madonna.
    …a free ice cream sundae is to an unexpected elbow to the face.

    I got more.

  18. Wow is to War as Quanity over Quality

  19. Since the reality is that Blizzard mooched a lot of their idea’s off of the original Games Workshop copyrights, I’d go with…

    ..as Transformers is to GoBots

  20. Star Wars is to Spaceballs.

  21. @ Syp. By that explanation you are saying beatles has gotten inspiration from led zeppelin and the monocle has its inspiration from sunglasses. To me this whole post makes more sense if it is turned around, AND if we instead of talking the original warhammer and warcraft IP’s we are talking about the mmorpg games based on those IP’s. If we are talking the games then we turn the lotr vs d&d around. If we are talking IP, then it fits, but monocle vs sunglasses does not fit.

  22. How about… Apples are to Oranges?

  23. WAR is to WoW as inclusivity is to exclusivity.

  24. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    Big Bird to Barney the Dinosaur

    Coke Classic to New Coke (can’t beat the real thing)

  25. @Alvanal: You are reading too much into this, I think.

    …as Final Fantasy is to Lufia.
    …as Double Dragon is to Bad Dudes.
    …as the Soggy-Bottom Boys are to the Backstreet Boys.
    …as Heath Ledger is to Jack Nicholson.
    …as Superman is to Shazam.
    …as healthy eating and exercise is to Weight Watchers.
    …as Gilgamesh is to Enkidu.
    …as NEDM is to NEEM.

  26. as beautiful rosey red cheeks are to baboon’s red cheeks!

  27. SWG is to SWG NGE

  28. “inclusivity is to exclusivity”


    i quit wow because i did not have dedicated time to raid and lotro because i could not find anyone for fellowship quests. WAR’s PQ’s and open grouping are a breath of fresh air.

  29. old-school Michael Jackson to new-school Michael Jackson O_O

  30. MacGyver is too David Hasslehoff

  31. Warhammer is to Warcraft as Syp is to Alvanal

  32. I don’t understand where everyone gets this Warhammer copied WoW idea. Warhammer is made from Mythic, who made Dark Age of Camelot. DAoC came out 3 years before WoW. Who’s copying who?!

  33. As an open-door policy is to a window.

  34. Your suggestion of switching the D&D with the LotR, Alvanal, baffles me since Warhammer is an overhead fantasy battle simulation game invented in 1983, while Warcraft is an overhead fantasy battle simulation game for computers invented in some year way after 1983, continuing with II, then to III, then to some multiplayer repetitive thing that reminds me of Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast with different repetition. As such, I find that Warhammer came first, and is much the source of Warcraft’s inspiration. Along with D&D, mind you, which is of course inspired by LotR. Thus the original post was quite apt.

  35. Warhammer is to Warcraft as a fine beer is to a fine wine.

  36. Master and Commander is to Pirates of the Caribbean

    Lord of the Rings is to The Princess Bride

    Training Day is to Lethal Weapon

    Mike Hammer is to Magnum, P.I.

    Heath Ledger’s Joker is to Jack Nicholson’s Joker

  37. PSP is to an angle grinder

    (One is for fun, the other is for…)

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