So Say We All

September 10, 2008

Moxie said it best in guild chat the other night:

“I appreciate the flight points… but do we have to be so spread eagle when we fly?”

If you don’t know what she’s talking about, just wait until you take a ride on a gyrocopter.  It’s like each and every character is incredibly proud of their pelvis and wish to bless the world with the best view of it.



  1. Completely off topic, but I had a question. I was wondering if there is a website like thottbot out there for WAR. Or is there going to be one out there in the future? I have been playing war for quite sometime now (Closed and open beta), but I still have trouble remembering which mob drops what and which PQ has what loots. If anyone knows or if you know Syp please make a post or perhaps start a site like that (*wink*). It would be really helpful.

  2. I got this one.


  3. yep wardb..

    ontopic.. so the dwarfs fly mounted style??

    never noticed

  4. http://www.wardb.com might be what you need.

  5. I *am* very proud of my pelvis. Your point?


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