Head Start, Heart Strong, Foot Fungus!

September 10, 2008

Over on the Herald, the Head Start dates have been set… well, more in stone then they were before. The only major change is that the standard edition head start has been bumped a day back from the 15th to the 16th, giving the collector’s edition head starters a full two days to forge their path without the common scum… er… the rest of the world making a mess on the playground.  I’m surprised not to hear more groaning over the SE pre-orders, but I guess we’ve had our hands full this week as it is.

Assuming that everything goes to plan and I can actually get into the head start on Sunday, I have a very small To Do list to accomplish by the time the 16th and 18th roll around:

  1. Log in and save all the names I have saved up, including Kinglillybottom.
  2. Have fun.

Yeah, that’s about it!  I’m usually the one for a long, lengthy, and probably overly-worded list mapping out every minute of my first days into a new game, but I have a feeling that, this time around, it would spoil things.  Would it be nice to get out of tier one so that I stay ahead of the mass rush on Thursday?  Sure, I guess.  How about gearing up so I can trounce all the newbies who are trying the game out for the very first time?  Yeah, that might be cool.

But really, there’s just SO. MUCH. to do in Warhammer Online that I think I’d go a bit nuts trying to grab it all on the first week.  I do know that I’m going to stick with just one main character and one alt (for Order and Destruction, respectively), and really hold off making any other alts until I have two happy 40’s on my account.  I want to get a toehold on crafting — or at least gathering, to make funds.  Dual leveling both regular ranks and renown ranks is fairly possible for the first portion of the game, so I guess I’ll try to keep them roughly together.  Then there’s a laundry list of other possible activities: guild events, Tome unlocks, completing all the PQs and getting the influence gear, exploring, chatting, and maybe getting into a few rough tussles in the RvR areas.

Not having an agenda, however, is refreshingly liberating.  It’s going to be a busy week next week even without the WAR launch, and I won’t be getting much play time on Tuesday or Wednesday, nor am I counting on 100% server stability come Thursday.  Plus, I’m going to need to make the trek over to Gamestop to get my CE by the week’s end.  I’ll play when I can, enjoy what I will, and be very satisfied that the day of reckoning — and character persistence — is finally here.



  1. Bah! I’m pissed off. Guess what version I bought?

    No cool names for Sid… Do you think the name “Karl” will still be available? 😉

  2. meh, if they’d pushed the date from a weekend day I’d be pissed. But all I lose is one evenings play, meanwhile the CE players will all be level 40 by Sunday evening, having had a whole day in game.

    How many people with SE took Monday off hoping to play though?

  3. Yeah, sucks standard preorders get pushed back but what can you do. The anticipation!!!!!

  4. Why Kinglillybottom? Do you expect that Kinglilybottom will be taken?

  5. I’m the only one in my guild that ordered the CE, so I’ll just be parking names and puttering around till they get in 2 days later. I’m not in any rush to get to end game.

    I’ve strongly debated using my CE headstart to claim “Drizzt” and “Legolas” on every server so I never have to see anyone running around with those names.

  6. To do:

    1) Reserve names.
    2) Create guild!

    and probably

    3) Level out of tier 1 and then be forced to reroll because never having tier 2 scenarios pop turns this game into WoW-esque solo questing.

  7. I’m wondering if the Europeans will actually have the CE headstart start in the actual day. A

    fter what’s happened with the open beta last Sunday, and the fact that we still can’t input our CE pre order headstart codes three/two days before it starts, I’m going to bet on another failed European WAR date.


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