First Impressions – Disciple of Khaine

September 10, 2008

We come to it at last. Twenty classes and a good month later, and I’m done with trying out each and every career to see how the newbie experience plays. I’ve learned a few things – obviously, you can’t make a final judgment on a career based on the first few levels (some classes “bloom” later rather than sooner), and although WAR does offer a lot to the neophyte player, all newbie zones are restrictive by design. It got a bit repetitive, there, especially after playing all the Order classes and then moving on to the Destruction – which “mirrored” Order’s career mechanics.

My Disciple of Khaine looked, especially after massive doses of face paint, like a member of KISS, so Genesimmons he would be. Fun guy. I don’t think I know any other game where a healer is also a dual-wielding sword fighter, but that’s WAR’s sense of humor for ya. The DoK is a mirror of the (reportedly) more powerful Warrior Priest, and requires offensive attacks to build up juice for healing. Soul Essence, is what it’s called. Just in case you were wondering.

Obviously, by this point I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated to do anything with Genesimmons that I haven’t already done. PQs… scenarios… there we go. All sorts of fun.

It’s a decent enough class, and the twin swords thing makes me wonder how the higher level dps will pan out. Oddly enough, with the Black Guard’s removal, the DoK is the closest thing to a tank that the fragile Dark Elves have! Despite Mythic’s reassurances, I’m wary about the imbalance of races when it comes to the tank shortage (as if they didn’t already learn from WoW’s notorious tank famine… they went and artificially limited the number of tanks in this game to boot!). We’ll see how it pans out.

I wish I had more to say, but that’s about it for this series so I’ll leave it there. Hope it was a thrill a minute to read as I stumble across the finish line of this self-imposed marathon… I just can’t wait to make one of these classes to keep for real!



  1. Do they think the WP is more powerful than the DoK?

    Popular opinion over here is that the DoK is more powerful.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  2. Having played them all, obviously basing this on equal but low-level game time, how do you think the two sides fair? I’ve talked to some friends that are in beta they are leaning towards Order over Destruction, and when asked why they respond that “it doesn’t help that there a a bunch of underpowered Destruction classes ATM.”

    I have yet to play ALL the classes, so from your perspective is that a valid statement or just someone having a bad day/hissy fit for getting served?

  3. I tried out a DoK a couple of days back when i was bored with my magus, and i was surprised to find that i really enjoyed the class. The concept of a melee based healer takes a while to wrap your head around, and the UI makes targeting fairly difficult at times, but once you’ve gotten the hang of those 2 problems it’s very good fun – decent dps + decent healing, and a fairly unique playstyle.

    I very much agree with you about the dire state of Dark Elf tanking. DE public quests are a royal pain in the butt during the later stages with champions and heroes, and in some cases simply unfinishable unless an orc or chaos lad wanders past. It’s less of an issue in the RvR scenarios, but it’s still a great pleasure to check your group when you enter a scenario and see a Black Orc or a Chosen amongst all the witch elves and sorceresses. It will be interesting to see if there’s a higher level of racial cross-pollination in the higher tiers. If there is then this should go a long way to solving the problem. If not, it’s going to be a pain.

  4. @ Enric – For two sides that have 10 classes each and are missing 2 classes each, I think they fare okay. It’s hard to tell if one faction has a distinct advantage over the other in terms of overpowered classes, but with the Magus and Squig Herder recently receiving nice buffs in dps, Destruction looks better than ever. I think the Witch Elf is still a bit of a pariah and needs some love, but we’ll see how that pans out.

  5. I agree that the missing classes really imbalances the game, and is causing major problems, especially for the zones missing the tanks. But since a lot flock to Empire’s area, it’s not as big a deal as the Dark Elves lacking a tank. But the missing melee DPS classes is also hurting things a lot, making ranged classes far more powerful.

    I have played both sides and most of the classes and I completely agree that Order is definitely more powerful right now with a lot of their classes, even when they are even. The Ironbreaker is just disgustingly overpowered, especially with a Ruin Priest. And for some odd reason, the Warrior Priest is more powerful than the Disciple, even though they should be equal.

    Mythic has a long road ahead to balance things out, and it’s key for them to get those missing classes into the game ASAP. It also doesn’t matters when they give one side an advantage over the other, both in power, and how some scenario’s are unbalanced (Empire has high ground in their tier one scenario).

  6. The class imbalance thing has some impact on the tier 1 activities, and after that it is essentially gone. All the classes end up mixed in all zones.

    However I dislike playing Khaine’s Embrace as a Dark Elf (despite being a sweet scenario in its own right) because our team consists of 9 Sorceri who are scattered and useless as soon as 1 Swordmaster bridges the gap, while the sissy elves have a nice mix of tank, melee dps, and healers.

    The converse is true in Nordenwatch, where I find Destruction wins 75% of the time – same class matchup, but switched.

    Right now this seems like a huge deal because everyone only plays in Tier 1. Remember, if you play this game for 2 years you’ll spend about 3-6 days for each character you create in Tier 1, and the rest of the time you’ll be mixing it up with all the classes present. It’s literally a negligible portion of your gaming experience.

    I can’t say whether Order is better than Destruction or not. I do know that Ironbreakers and Runepriests seem virtually unkillable, and Witch Hunters are better than Witch Elves. I wouldn’t have necessarily said Warrior Priests are better than Disciples, they’re more survivable but have less dps, basically meaning they’re better in large groups and worse in small ones.

    Anywho… the Disciple is a fun class, but is not as easy to play well as compared to say a Zealot. You really have to play like a healer and a melee dps class at the same time. I have some concerns re: survivability at higher levels, but I still enjoy the class.

  7. Thanks for putting in so much time on this Syp! Articles brought many a chuckle and tear to the eye of orphan children everywhere. Santa would be proud 🙂

  8. Thanks for the input Syp (and commentors lol). I thought my friends were just being whiny and everything was balanced and it only ‘felt’ different due to graphics. My mistake. And Iazi’s right, thanks for all the time you spent on this. And take your time in Beta so you don’t burn out before the game even ships! Cultivation man, it’s relaxing, I’m telling ya.

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