The Hitching Is Driving Me Nuts

September 9, 2008

Seriously, it wasn’t nearly this bad in closed beta.  Maybe it’s the huge influx of new players.  I’ve heard that there’s some serious debugging software running during beta that could account for it.  I’ve also read a lot of reports from NVidia card users who are running above-recommended specs and yet still having these problems.

It’s annoying and it really detracts from the gameplay.  I’d love to hear Mythic at least acknowledge this as an issue — I think it’s something more than just graphic settings (fiddling with mine, from low to high end, makes no difference in the hitching).



  1. Same here.

    I also happen to be an nVidia card user who gets less than expected fps.

  2. I’m also having a lot of hitching, but I’m running on the minimum required CPU and a radeon 3750 card…Still the hitching is annoying

  3. i have an nvidia card and my computer is above recommended, and yes i’m having problems with it too. Also, the textures are really low res at certain distances and “fill in” as i get closer, and i don’t mean from quite a distance away, sometimes within spell casting range

  4. I gotta say I’m a lot happier after reading this post. I thought I was going to have to pass on this game due to performance during the open beta. But this is all very encouraging seeing as I’m running dual sli cards and it stutters as walk across a room.

  5. What is the FPS / Ping command in game? I’m curious what mine is too without using a 3rd party program. I have noticed frame drops with an Intel e8400, nVidia GTX 260, and 2 gigs of ddr2 ram. It should be fixed by launch, in theory. Right? 😛

  6. Hey,

    I guessing your talking about constant pausing for half a second or so, especially in new areas ? If your in an area for a while the pausing seemed to go away.
    I had this on fully patched xp with newest nvidia drivers with 3ghz C2D and 9800gtx.

    It was horrible, I thought it was just the game but then I had a mate over with a muchworse computer and he didnt have the problem.

    Anyway my solution has been to install vista 64bit.

    Might not be what you want to hear but its fixed it perfectly for me.

    Good Luck.

  7. Also i forgot to mention my ‘closest thing to writing games is a guess your age javascript game in year 12’ guess is that it was caused by the level of detail scaling for the ground.
    When it had to redraw the ground at the higher detail when you get closer I think is when it was pausing.
    So when you had been somewhere for a while it could have had all the high res textures already in video ram maybe ?!

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