Is It Time To Sack GOA?

September 8, 2008

This is a question that many European Warhammer fans have to be asking themselves this week. It’s been salt + lemon into wounds these past few weeks (Open Beta launch, price fiasco, uppity CMs), and for many, it’s the breaking point. They want to see GOA out of the Warhammer picture, with either EA taking up the slack for the European branch, or another company altogether.

Of course, this doesn’t look as though it’ll ever happen, unless GOA screws up another six or seven times after launch, and the subscriptions reflect this. For his part, Mark Jacobs knows trust has been broken between the players and the company, and while they’re not happy with it, they’re sticking to their GOA guns for the time being.

It makes me wonder — is there any real viable alternative to GOA handling WAR this close to launch? I highly doubt it. Sour of a relationship as it may be, Mythic and GOA are in bed together for the time being, kicking each other and pulling at the covers. And the only people hurt are the players.



  1. GOA ruined my weekend, they are continuing to screw up the open beta, and I hereby predict they WILL screw up pre-release.

    If they screw up the live launch too, will that be the final straw? I don’t think so. I don’t know who at GOA is blowing who at EA/Mythic/Whoever, but someone has a contract they don’t deserve and it’s starting to show, badly.

    I just honestly cannot believe that they let GOA have the contract after the DAOC fiasco. It really does amaze me… It’s illogical. If I do business with a company and it goes badly once, quite simply I don’t do business with them again, it doesn’t make any sense to when there are other proven companies out there.

    Ridiculous, frankly.

    On the plus side, been a reader of your blog for a long time and love it. Keep up the great work.

  2. How can such a big release like WAR being taken over in a week? Just the logistical stuff is too much to change now so close to release. Even EA could not handle it. It’s just irrational to think that things can be changed so fast.

    A further reason could be the contracts. I think that Mythic and GOA have contracts which bind them for years. Even after EA bought Mythic this could not been canceled. I think i saw similar reasoning in some post/interview with MJB, but don’t ask me where 😉

  3. Day 2.

    At around 4.30 Monday we are told no one new could create an account but if you had by some fluke got one registered yesterday you could follow a link to a freshly writen web page where you could input your beta code.

    Then after an hour or two (I am on 3 hours and still waiting) you will get an an email saying your account is verified or telling you there is an error with some of the detail you entered.

    The next step is you will have to wait at least an hour (I kid you not, this the official line) for the account to actually become active at which point you can patch and play the game.

    It is now 8.45 pm and I have no real hope that I will be in before Tuesday. perhaps by Wednesday we will be on in sufficient numbers to actually put some stress on the servers, God help us then.

  4. Despite promises for more communication by GOA, there has been no update on the main website for 6 hours and no updates by CMs for 3.
    Ho hum. Guess the EU market is worth treating with the same respect the NA one gets.

  5. I don’t think Mythic can get away with putting all the blame on GOA. GOA should have been able to deliver regular updates but lack of official forums stymies that. A couple of weeks ago, GOA said they were blindsided by Mythic’s release plans meaning that they probably weren’t kept up to date with the timings. I think Mythic are just trying to offload on GOA a little bit.

  6. Oh it’s so frustrating to be a EU WAR fan at this moment, i’m watching some vids atm to get some kind of WAR fix, but its only making my cravings worse !

    Oh if it wasent for WAAAGH! i’d be in a clinic by now !

  7. I dont compelely agree Bel. Mythic announced the game was going to be launch Sept 18th well over a month ago. If Mythic and EA were able to get ready I don’t see why GOA couldn’t. GOA is just making excuses and trying to save face (and it makes sense given their previous DOAC debocile).

    As for Mythic switching who launches WAR for the EU, there isn’t enough time for another company to get the resources needed in place for the Sept 18th release date. Let alone any legal issues that would need to brought up/dealt with from killing the contract with GOA.

  8. Got home from work today and fired up old Dell-y at around 18:00 GMT. Read up on the new system, though ok will give it a go, filled in my details. It’s 4 hours later and I have heard nothing other than a request to be patient from GOA.

    Considering that comparison with Mythic’s handling of the build up to the 18th is inevitable GOA have failed utterly to deliver anything like equal service at the first hurdle. Mythic won’t sack GOA, too much of a big deal, and we are still in Beta technically.

    I doubt launch will go well. I doubt I’ll see open beta. I really, really love mmos and have looked forward to WAR for a long time. Is it worth all this nonsense and time wasting though? For most customers I doubt it.
    This is the problem Mythic and GOA face now.

  9. There is absolutely no chance Mythic will cut and run from GOA at this point. None whatsoever. Are they going to sacrifice the entire European market for WAR when the EU market is arguably bigger than the NA one?

    Cutting now would be financial suicide for EA.

  10. Awake at 4am. Man, I’ve just lost the will.

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