DoublePlus Agree

September 8, 2008

Sometimes you read a good blog post that makes you sit up and say out loud — to an empty room — “YES!  I concur!”  But then that’s not good enough, and you try to piggyback the good post with your somewhat-adequate one as a weird extra-blogger postscript.

So I won’t do that.  Just head over to Serial Ganker and read his take on Mark Jacob’s blogging endeavors.  It’s good, really good, and I think it’s mostly on the money.  There needs to be barriers, a central location for WAR dev communication, and Jacobs should most definitely disable the comments on his blog.

P.S. – This isn’t to say, Mythic, that we want you communicating with us any less!  Just… a bit more appropriately and centralized, please.


One comment

  1. I agree – for what it’s worth..it seems a bit overfamiliar – especially now they’ve taken to bashing a CM there (I’m not talking about the rights and wrongs but that is someone’s job we are considering). Could be a bit more tastefully done.

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